Your money's no good here.


This past week has not been a good one. My grandfather and Craig's grandmother went into hospitals early in the week. My grandfather recovered without major intervention and went home Friday. Craig's grandmother's condition was worse. He and I made assorted trips to the W.Va. hospital she was medivac'd to. I stopped to get gas on the way and found this sign on the gas pump. (She is doing great too!)

We love you Grandpa and Momaw!


Kim Thomas said...

I'll take your cash....I never have any.

I'm glad everyone is doing better.

Anonymous said...

That's the way I like to pay anyway - give me those miles and don't waste my time going in to pay. Mom

Queen B said...

that is really weird. I never use cash at gas stations, but I would think they would prefer cash.

sorry about all your trials this week :(

LoSpace said...

Next they won't let people in to buy any sodas or coffee -- but that'll definitely cut down on theft, right?!?

Hope all the grandparents got better. Drive safely.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

This is definitely the essence of looking for the brighter side.

What a week!

Jinjer said...

Glad they are doing better and what the heck is up with this gas staition? Do they barter shells??