Cast of Characters

As most of you know, I have 3 children (I'll try to use the names Al, Princess and Gman since I'd rather not use their actual names online) and a great husband, Craig. To begin to intro you to the people you will be hearing stories about:

Character: Youngest Child
Portrayed by: Gman, age 2.5
Super Powers: spotting a matchbox car/truck from 20 feet away; throwing temper tantrums and objects far distances; hugging someones neck until head nearly pops off
Likes: Cheese pizza, cars/trains/trucks, going to preschool, hitting & toying with sister
Dislikes: pepperoni; wearing coat while in the carseat; sitting in the child seat of shopping carts



Any day that starts with a speeding ticket less than 3 miles from your home is going to be a horrible, horrible day. I see no humor in anything today. Therefore, I shall dip into the recesses of my mind (aka cell phone photo album) to share something I found humorous on some other day! I recently visited my Grandpa Campbell near the Washington coast. These signs are posted all over the little town he lives about 5-10 miles from. I'm not sure why, but I just got so tickled seeing these signs!

PS---Look Jane! I put pic in!!


more parking lot wisdom

Ok, you know those people who will drive around and around a parking lot for 10 minutes looking for a parking spot in the first 2 rows. I call those "parking lot vultures."
I was pulling out of a prime parking spot at the gym and a vulture was there waiting for me to leave. As I was proceeding out of the lot, I noticed THREE more driving in circles. I'll give the mini-van mom a pass because I know what it is like to herd 2 toddlers, a dufflebag and a diaper bag through a wet, crowded parking lot (much like herding a dozen cats into a filled bathtub--slippery & dangerous for every one involved).
But for the 2 vultures--I had to laugh. Why are they going to the gym if they are unwilling to walk the extra 25 paces from a parking spot a little further away from the door?


License plates & smiles

As I was leaving Sam's today I saw a license plate that said "Your smile is your personal sunshine." The brighter side for me is that I shall mock it. Can you feel the syrupy sweetness of that phrase oozing all over you? Actually, it reminded me of a phrase I used to use all the time: "Smile! It improves your face value."

On another note: Don't you just LOVE stores like Sam's? A 3 pound box of CheezIt's for $5.68!! That'll keep the kids in snack heaven for weeks!


Greetings and Salutations!

After starting to read "The Secret" (and then losing interest in it) and seeing on talk shows about
how people who look for happiness generally are happier, I realized that my life had fallen into a general "blah" feeling. And so, I set a goal to start looking for the brighter side of happenings in my life....and to pay closer attention to the little funny things that happen every day that we don't always think about.

After a few weeks, I noticed that I wasn't "looking" as much as I'd planned to. Therefore I am creating a blog so that I will be more motivated to look for the brighter side because I'll be reporting to others what I found! I suspect many of my postings will involve the craziness that ensues from having 3 beautiful children and an amazing husband, all of whom have a flip side.