Color Commentary by Gman

Gman was feeling artistic today! He's not generally one to sit long enough to draw even one picture...much less two in one sitting!! I've included text of his comments when showing me his drawings.
ps....The 57 cents and 58 cents are his prices, if you are so inclined. ;-)


First Day of School--2010!

First to leave were the little ones.
Princess: "Hey Gman, now pose like this. Now like this. And this way...."
Oh what a difference 1 year and a gender makes...Gman lost interest after the 2nd picture.

Oh what a difference 8 yrs and a gender makes....New high schooler who seriously did not want his picture. At all. Then agreed only if it wasn't taken outside. So I had to sneak one.


Special Kind of Tired

Have you ever been so tired that, when you woke up in the middle of the night to go potty, you were just tooooo tired to pull your pants back up? Or to go back to your own bed? So instead, you just laid on the floor next to the toilet with your jammies half on.

Yeah, my kid's that tired.