Its Politically Incorrect, Charlie Brown!

Gman was watching one of the old Charlie Brown specials in the van while on a trip with Craig a few days ago.

Gman: Those girls called Charlie Brown "stupid"!!!
Craig: That was not very nice, was it?
Gman: That's why he said "They're goin' down!"

hmmmm.....I guess I don't remember that line. Maybe I should go introduce him to the principal now. Let them get acquainted before she has to deal that.


Teen Words (#1)

Mom: "Al, what did they serve for lunch at school?"
Al: World War I surplus


Psychedelic Frog Prince

Princess had her tonsils out on Thursday....her recovery that day was amazing to us all. She mostly slept til about 1. At 3pm, she was watching cartoons when she suddenly sat up and said very matter-of-factly, "Mom! I didn't get my breakfast. I want my breakfast." That evening, less than 12 hours after her surgery she started crying when we wouldn't let her sweep the kitchen! That evening, she wanted me to color in her coloring book with her. I picked the picture and she picked all the colors. That Tylonol with Codeine must be some GROOVY stuff!!!


Most-likely-not cancer & other nuisances

I really hadn't intended on getting back into blogging. But I found myself in a situation where I HAD to make myself focus again on looking for all the funny things in life to report---the exact reason why I had started blogging in the first place--or else I'd go crazy with what I didn't want to be the sole focus of every minute of the day. You see, August 22 was a horrible day for more than 1 reason. It's a day that my former blog regulars will recognize for a couple reasons. The less important reason for it being a horrible day is it's the day some chose to magnify their petty pranks and jabs against me instead of using the entire day for celebrating and "showering" the pending arrival of Jenn's precious baby boys. The more significant reason for it being a horrible day is that it coincidentally was also the day that a very worrisome symptom that OUR baby boy has was also magnified.

Fast forward to a month later. Hearing a doctor say it's most likely not cancer, even though common knowledge tells you "this screams cancer," doesn't help. We've been put in sort of a demented holding pattern. Cautious optimism is a hard row to hoe when you have your child's damnable most-likely-not cancer symptom staring at you in the face almost every day. Holding patterns suck almost as much as most-likely-not cancer symptoms. But the method of determining the reason is horrifying to most 40 yr. olds, so why do it to a 4 y.o. if the odds are "likely" in your favor? And so, we wait-n-see. It's a continuous game...Most-likely-not cancer symptom wasn't here yesterday, Does that mean...!? Oh, damn, there it is today. And the petty jabs continue, too. It even seems to be more wide-spread for whatever reason. Sure, its a nuisance. But thankfully, there's 35 pounds of cuteness running around yielding his racetrack-turned-sword, and practicing his weather forecast for raining jellybeans, and blissfully unaware of how worried we are for him.

It's about priorities. Craig and I place great importance on our children, as any parent would. As part of remaining strong for them in a very emotional time, we also need to see happiness in life. And that's what I initially joined this blogging group for....to see more of the funny-ness in the rest of world, and boy, could I use some extra funny-ness right about now. I'm very thankful to those bloggers who chose to remain neutral in an argument they recognized as not being theirs. But to those who didn't, I'm asking you to stop. Stop the jabs on your own blogs, stop using the comment sections of the neutral people as your forum for continuing to brow-beat me on very old news. I'm not asking for your pity (although prayers won't be turned down). We need the love and thoughtfulness of family and friends, and for those who chose to not be in those categories to just at least let go of the pettiness and allow us to look for the brighter side of life in peace.


How many fingers?

Yesterday, Gman got whacked in the head by a doorknob resulting in a pretty good sized goose-egg. After huge doses of snuggling, "boo-boo stick" and kisses:

Craig (holding up two fingers): "How many fingers?"
Gman: Ten.
Craig (still holding up two fingers): How many fingers?
Gman (screams): TEN!
Craig (growing quite concerned): But how many am I holding up?
Gman (sheepish): two


Boot Camp

Princess frequently falls asleep on the bus. As she's getting off the bus, I can see she's stumbling around, swooning left & right. The bus monitor practically had to hold her up to get her down the steps. I honestly think nothing of it, I just assume they had to wake her up.

Rewind to yesterday......

Princess's school is taking food donations for the local food pantry...the PTA letter specifically mentioned 5 lb bags of rice. She normally rides the bus in the morning, I thought 5 lbs might be a little too hefty for her to manage. However, today was "National Walk Your Child To School Day" so I thought "Aha! The perfect day for her to take it since Craig could carry it to the door...She'd only have to carry it down the hall." Genius! I told her a couple times to give it to her teacher.

As she's stumbling off the bus this afternoon:

Me: What's the matter girlie-girl?
Bus Monitor: I think the rice in her backpack is too heavy.
Me: What?! Why didn't you give it to your teacher?
Princess: I didn't know I was supposed to.
Me (not succeeding at containing laughter): I told you to last night.....why'd you think it was in there? Do we normally make you carry around giant bags of rice?
Monitor (trying to contain laughter)

Later convo with Craig, I tell him what she did.
Craig's comment, "It's our family's version of the Marine Corp for 5 year olds".


Helpful husbands

Craig: I'm going to the grocery store real quick, you need anything?
Paula: Look at the list on the fridge.
Craig (returns with the list): Chicken stock?
Paula: It's in a can. Basically, chicken juice.
Craig: Do they give that willingly?