Its Politically Incorrect, Charlie Brown!

Gman was watching one of the old Charlie Brown specials in the van while on a trip with Craig a few days ago.

Gman: Those girls called Charlie Brown "stupid"!!!
Craig: That was not very nice, was it?
Gman: That's why he said "They're goin' down!"

hmmmm.....I guess I don't remember that line. Maybe I should go introduce him to the principal now. Let them get acquainted before she has to deal that.


Ruthie Girl said...

Funny I missed that line, too, but I have seen a couple cartoons lately that I wouldn't put it past them.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember that line either - funny how kids come up with the things they say. Mom

Carpool Queen said...

I watched those growing up and what's the one word I tell my kids not to use? Stupid.


Stockpiling Mom said...

We watched it and couldn't believe how terrible it was with Stupid and Blockhead...we won't be watching Charlie Brown on a regular basis that is for sure...