Boot Camp

Princess frequently falls asleep on the bus. As she's getting off the bus, I can see she's stumbling around, swooning left & right. The bus monitor practically had to hold her up to get her down the steps. I honestly think nothing of it, I just assume they had to wake her up.

Rewind to yesterday......

Princess's school is taking food donations for the local food pantry...the PTA letter specifically mentioned 5 lb bags of rice. She normally rides the bus in the morning, I thought 5 lbs might be a little too hefty for her to manage. However, today was "National Walk Your Child To School Day" so I thought "Aha! The perfect day for her to take it since Craig could carry it to the door...She'd only have to carry it down the hall." Genius! I told her a couple times to give it to her teacher.

As she's stumbling off the bus this afternoon:

Me: What's the matter girlie-girl?
Bus Monitor: I think the rice in her backpack is too heavy.
Me: What?! Why didn't you give it to your teacher?
Princess: I didn't know I was supposed to.
Me (not succeeding at containing laughter): I told you to last night.....why'd you think it was in there? Do we normally make you carry around giant bags of rice?
Monitor (trying to contain laughter)

Later convo with Craig, I tell him what she did.
Craig's comment, "It's our family's version of the Marine Corp for 5 year olds".


Anonymous said...

Can't believe she forgot to give her teacher the rice - she usually remembers EVERYTHING. Poor little gal - they must really work her hard to be so tired after going to school all day. Gma

Alice said...

WOW! That is classic. :)

KFuj said...

How can she be a princess with all that extra weight.