Chili Pepper !!

Craig and I had a lunch date a Chili's! Today only, Chili's donates the day's profits to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I got the. very. last. package. of the Chili Silly Bands in all of Lexington--I know this because I wanted more to send to the Funaholics and asked the waitress to call the other Lexington Chili's for me. (proceeds also go to St. Jude's--bonus!!).

Too cute!


Can't Fool Mother Nature

The conversation went like this:

Princess: Do I need to wear long sleeves today?
Me & Craig in unison: Nooo! It's gonna be HOT!
P: But it's the first day of fall!?
Me: Somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature. Go get dressed, you're late.
(She walks away) She has no idea what that means.
C: Yeah, she'll me ask on the way to the bus stop.
Me: Sorry 'bout that.
C: That's okay. I'll just tell her to ask you because you know Mother Nature better.


Look at that kid go!

Both of my guys have started new sports! And we are very proud Sports Parents!
Al is rockin' the cross country scene. This pic is at the finish line of his first 5K, time: 22:17. His next 5K was on a much harder course, but his time was still 22:33!!

Gman had his first soccer game today! The other team's players were all 4 inches taller than Gman (and his own team mates are all shorter/younger than him). Despite the mismatch, the Jaguars held their own!!!!!