Beer Cave

Not sure if this is a KY thing or not. I just thought it was funny!


Next Blog

Have you ever used the "Next blog" button at the top of the window? I have a few times and have come across all kinds of blogs: some beautiful photogs; dozens of foreign languages; many SAHM's chronicling their children's lives; & some skanky weirdos. Today I hit one that propelled me down memory lane back to middle school....
(PS--Will somebody please teach me how to put links in my blog?!)
I had no idea they were still updating the band.

It's 1984 all over again!! Oh, I adored Roy! Jenny, Kristie, Amy, Kathy, Andrea, and the rest of the gang--we spent a lot of time singing "Like a Cannonball," "Gotta Get On Movin'," etc. (No, I didn't actually remember the names of the band members or songs. I cheated by getting out the album I still have. Yes, I said album.)


Art is in the eye of the beholder

Went to an art showing last night. Even my art lovin' friends we were there with weren't particularly as impressed with the art as the artists themselves. Craig's comment was "I guess this is why they're still local artists." The prices on many were more than the combined cost of my first 4 used cars.

One display was approximately 200 old library cards with ink splatters on the backs and then individually pinned on the wall in rows & columns. They were actually quite interesting, but the price gave me a chuckle. "$2000 OR $25 per card, 15% discount for purchasing 10 or more."

Then there was the drawing that Staci and I completely did not see, we walked right by it but didn't see it. Our husbands saw it and sent us back to find it. A 4' x 4', very light peach-colored drawing that was drawn DIRECTLY ON THE WALL. "What was listed as the price?", I hear you pondering. Answer: "Speak to artist."
This makes me ponder several questions:
  1. Should I assume this means the artist comes to my house and creates one for me?
  2. But if I want this exact one, will they cut it off the wall and put it in my car?
  3. Do I want to pay top-dollar for near invisible art?
  4. Can you imagine the mushroom cloud that would erupt from our house when the kids discovered that I PAID a stranger to draw on the very walls that I've made them scrub their "artwork" off of?


Child Labor

I was folding a load of towels. Gman really wanted to help. I handed him a washcloth. He very gently wadded it & placed it on top of the pile. (Not bad for 30 mos old.) He smiled soooo proudly and walked away.

Al is learning how to mow the lawn! He thinks its fun!


Home Sweet Home

It's good to be home! I had a fabulous vacay with Jane and extended family. Checked off a "Life's To Do."

And in the true meaning of "Look for the Brighter Side", I learned a few things and had a few incidents over the course of the 4 days that definitely opened my eyes and/or put some things into a different perspective for me. Not sure if there's 22, but let's give it a whack.

1. It was 51 degrees when I left KY, it was 104 when I left AZ.
2. Oncoming traffic sometimes is going slower than it appears.
3. I'm so happy my eyes "didn't get stabbed out" with a pointy shoe. (Love ya!)
4. If someone isn't able to stand up for themselves due to whatever circumstances, do it for them, even if its just something small.
5. Everyone will say "Such n Such is the most painful place to get a tattoo." Don't listen, it's all relative.
6. Siblings aren't expendable. Don't treat them that way. Kiddo--even though we annoy each other quite often, I do you love you.
7. "It's a dry heat" does not apply after 105 degrees.
8. Even if someone is in the same boat, sometimes you have the better oar.
9. I need to get a massage more often so the masseuse won't use her elbow to de-tensify my shoulders.
10. My feet are still ticklish. Why would I try salt scrub, AGAIN? I'll be smarter to not let them talk me into it a 3rd time.
11. No matter your age, your mother will still warn you vehemently about some things.
12. Funny how my color neuroses have an affect on other's color choices! Who knew?
13. My children apparently can recognize me by my feet as I'm coming down the escalator. That was heart warming.
14. Uncle Dave says a person can really only matter to you if you matter to them...I'm still pondering that one...but I'm hoping it's not true.
15. Dont wait for getting to see coffee hit the plane ceiling, and flight attendants to sit on on the floor next to you because that's safer than heading back to her seat for you to truly, deeply appreciate all those dozens of uneventful plane rides.
16. Taking the high road sucks in the short-term, but totally rocks in the long-term.
17. Ruth and I have the same laugh.
18. I couldn't will Daria into coming while I was there....I guess my skills as 'The Healer' have limits.
19. Sometimes "fun" nail polish colors look AWFUL after they're on. It's not too late to change your mind when the pedi-lady has only done one toe.
20. Don't judge people based on their appearance. Sometimes they are really quite down to earth and hilariously funny.
21. Sometimes guys tattoo their mother's name on the side of their neck.
22. I love my kids, my husband and family dearly. I missed them terribly. And I came home and we could fall back into our routines rather quickly. The house didn't explode in my absence. That means I can do it again! (not soon, but eventually!) Love you, Honey. Thank you for the time and effort to give me a little break.

I'm in a new Club!

Club Tattoo, that is! Jane & I, after approx 22 years FINALLY got our tattoos! Keith rocks...he took my idea and made it better.

I can't show you the entire final product of mine...it's the kids real names linked with stars and a 'C' for Craig to make an "anklet". Jane's is the moon with 3 stars.

Afterwards, we took a little trip to the pharmacy for lotion. They keep the door to the ladies' room locked...what's up with that? Ya know how the ratty gas stations chain the key to a toilet seat, or a plunger, etc.? Well OF COURSE this is what a pharmacist would use:


I'm in AZ

Having a great time visiting cousins and family!
Jane & I went shopping today and had way too much fun trying on the most hideous formals we could pick out for each other. The camera doesn't do Jane's justice. It's actually very bold royal blue and lime green. There was a lady in the dressing room trying on gowns...most of them involving animal prints. (btw..she LOVED Jane's leopard print dress) As we stood there in these hideous dresses trying to convince her that the solid brown one she had on was really beautiful, you could tell she really didn't believe.


Swing set Peeping Toms

My children are Peeping Toms on hired help! First the roofers, now the swing set installers!

The instructions said it would take 11-14 hours for 2 people. From the marketing pic, you can guess it's probably more than that.

It's actually been a two-day odyssey for a team of professional wood-working people...7 hours for 5 guys on Day 1; 6 hours for 4 guys on Day 2. The biggest problems adding to the time:
1. Drizzling rain all of Day 1, 1/2 of Day 2.
2. 200 parts; 400 lbs of asst. pre-cut lumber, not a single one labeled
3. Princess (and sometimes Gman) would knock on her bedroom window and wave at them every 15 minutes.

My husband, my father and my brother better be sooooo very happy and very thankful to me that I didn't let my mother follow through on her threat to make them do it as her Mother's Day gift. Best money we ever spent!


U know U R in KY if...

Ann did "You live in New England if..." I've got one for Kentucky!
I took this pic back in April & was waiting for Derby Day to use it...then totally forgot!

If seeing a statue of a horse in the Walmart displayed like this seems COMPLETELY NORMAL to you:

You live in Kentucky!
(That's a ring of fake roses around it's neck, and every snack cracker known to mankind under it)


Wrapping a present

We needed to wrap a birthday present for this week's playgroup. The little ones were so stoked to get to help! Gman chanting "Ticky tate! Ticky tate!" (sticky tape) and Princess screaming "I want to do the paper!" As I started up the stairs to get the wrapping paper, they both started to march along behind me like lil' baby ducks. I told them both to just wait there, I'd be right back down with the paper. As I came out of the bedroom, this is how I found them waiting for me:


Happy Mother's Day

To my mom and my mother-in-law!

And, Happy Day to all you mom's out there.


Petting Zoo

Princess's preschool had a field trip to a great petting zoo last week. The animals (except the sheep) were recently bathed, they ate, they didn't gnaw on fingers, & 2 huge buckets of food was included with admission! Also included: hay rides along a lovely creek and pony rides!

In general, Princess is the timid one, Gman is a head-first jumper...as demonstrated by their feeding of the animals. The first bucket was almost empty before she fed even one animal.

Gman on the other hand, was really frustrated that he couldn't reach the giant camel that could have eaten him for a morning snack.

You cannot imagine my shock when it came time for the pony rides. Princess absolutely could not wait her turn and gleefully hopped on the pony for her ride.

Gman kept running away from the pony ride line, pouting the whole way. I finally got him on there and this was his response:

Funny thing is, just 2 days earlier he was gleefully riding the grocery store pony!


And the Winner is...

Although her guess of $495 is still LESS THAN HALF the price, Jane is the "closest"
The actual price
drum roll, please
that's right, folks!
An Eleven Hundred dollar basket sat in my cart for 20 seconds while I got the camera ready. I actually told it OUT LOUD to "not get comfortable in there."


Trip to My Mecca

This month marks my 10th anniversary of being a Longaberger consultant. I don't just sell Longaberger products, I LOVE them. I have an addiction. (If you aren't familiar with them, click on the link for my side business and you can see what I'm talking about.)

Yesterday I made the trip with a friend (who also happens to be a customer) to my personal mecca, the Longaberger Homestead, for a Collector's Club Gathering they were having and a day of shopping . On the way there, you pass by their 7-story Basket HQ:

As Stacy & I were shopping in the Factory Store, I spotted a large basket that didn't look familiar. I went running to it and excitedly picked it up. Turns out it was a prototype of a basket they didn't make. And it's even signed by one of the Longaberger family members!

I looked at the price tag. Stacy asked if I was going to get it. I replied, "I'd have to come live with you because this basket crosses the line of my husband's tolerance level of my addiction."

Just take a guess and we'll see who's the closest.


Express yourself

I love all the T-shirts with funny things on them. Although I generally don't wear them myself, I love dressing the kids in them. I get a giggle knowing that the little ones don't even know/understand what they're wearing!

My fave of Al's is "I do all my own stunts." He has a few that are too lengthy for here.

Princess has:
"It's my brother's fault"
"Princess--If the shoe fits"
"I still live with my parents" (my fave)

Gman has the most extensive collection:
"Wasn't me"
"I'm with the Band"
"My sister did it"
"I'm DEFINITELY up to something"
and my favorite: