Home Sweet Home

It's good to be home! I had a fabulous vacay with Jane and extended family. Checked off a "Life's To Do."

And in the true meaning of "Look for the Brighter Side", I learned a few things and had a few incidents over the course of the 4 days that definitely opened my eyes and/or put some things into a different perspective for me. Not sure if there's 22, but let's give it a whack.

1. It was 51 degrees when I left KY, it was 104 when I left AZ.
2. Oncoming traffic sometimes is going slower than it appears.
3. I'm so happy my eyes "didn't get stabbed out" with a pointy shoe. (Love ya!)
4. If someone isn't able to stand up for themselves due to whatever circumstances, do it for them, even if its just something small.
5. Everyone will say "Such n Such is the most painful place to get a tattoo." Don't listen, it's all relative.
6. Siblings aren't expendable. Don't treat them that way. Kiddo--even though we annoy each other quite often, I do you love you.
7. "It's a dry heat" does not apply after 105 degrees.
8. Even if someone is in the same boat, sometimes you have the better oar.
9. I need to get a massage more often so the masseuse won't use her elbow to de-tensify my shoulders.
10. My feet are still ticklish. Why would I try salt scrub, AGAIN? I'll be smarter to not let them talk me into it a 3rd time.
11. No matter your age, your mother will still warn you vehemently about some things.
12. Funny how my color neuroses have an affect on other's color choices! Who knew?
13. My children apparently can recognize me by my feet as I'm coming down the escalator. That was heart warming.
14. Uncle Dave says a person can really only matter to you if you matter to them...I'm still pondering that one...but I'm hoping it's not true.
15. Dont wait for getting to see coffee hit the plane ceiling, and flight attendants to sit on on the floor next to you because that's safer than heading back to her seat for you to truly, deeply appreciate all those dozens of uneventful plane rides.
16. Taking the high road sucks in the short-term, but totally rocks in the long-term.
17. Ruth and I have the same laugh.
18. I couldn't will Daria into coming while I was there....I guess my skills as 'The Healer' have limits.
19. Sometimes "fun" nail polish colors look AWFUL after they're on. It's not too late to change your mind when the pedi-lady has only done one toe.
20. Don't judge people based on their appearance. Sometimes they are really quite down to earth and hilariously funny.
21. Sometimes guys tattoo their mother's name on the side of their neck.
22. I love my kids, my husband and family dearly. I missed them terribly. And I came home and we could fall back into our routines rather quickly. The house didn't explode in my absence. That means I can do it again! (not soon, but eventually!) Love you, Honey. Thank you for the time and effort to give me a little break.


Ruth Anne said...

I absolutely love: "Even if someone is in the same boat, sometimes you have the better oar." It has so many positive meanings. Awesome!

I never knew we had the same laugh. I will take that as a compliment.

It was so great to see you. Thanks for making the effort out. (Sorry my kids begged an early departure.)

Bianka said...

I loved the one about the oar too.

I also loved "If someone isn't able to stand up for themselves due to whatever circumstances, do it for them, even if its just something small."

How cute that your kids can recognize you by your feet! I can hardly wait for those kind of experiences!

So glad you had a great time!

Jenn Ann said...

I swear that everyone has an Uncle Dave...I do!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you have learned a lot of wisdom for your age. Now your Mother wants to know a bit more about some of these findings - later. Love you and glad you are home too, I missed you, more. Mom

Alice said...

For me, sometimes, living far away gives a lot of perspective. Sometimes our surroundings can limit a complete view.

Glad you had fun. My family is a group of amazing people.

Ann said...

It's a dry heat does not apply after 100 degrees, to be honest! :)

Sorry it was so hot while you were here!

Love the one about the oar...it's so true!

Kim Thomas said...

#17 made me laugh. RO!
#19 I am currently a victim of

22 items....hmm ;)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I so love you! I can only respond one at a time. Dont want to miss anything.

1. 84 the day after :).
2. If you didnt die i'm a good driver
3. I am so sad that I didnt get the blue grass socks to go with the pointy shoes
4. And this is why I love you
5. I dont know what you are talking about, mine didnt hurt at all
6. And all God's people said amen!
7. As opposed to humidity so bad that you can only wear a pony tail? (love you)
8. Thank God we are rowing together
9. Yeah, well mine said that I had computer shoulders
10. RO!
11. Cant wait for the wedding
12. LOL
13. Love those kids!!
14. Uncle Dave is a genius (ask Ruth)
15. At least you didnt get burnt
16. And she stays on that road
17. Yes you do!
18. The Healer rocks
19. The color you picked was great!
20. :)
21. And their wives on their ass
22. Thanks Craig!!!!!

I love you, had a great time!

Anonymous said...

You left too soon - today it was below 70 and rainy. Who would have ever thought? Tomorrow will be even colder and I am headed for Calif. - hope it has warmed up over there. I will get to see Susie and take her out for her birthday. Aunt Rae