Next Blog

Have you ever used the "Next blog" button at the top of the window? I have a few times and have come across all kinds of blogs: some beautiful photogs; dozens of foreign languages; many SAHM's chronicling their children's lives; & some skanky weirdos. Today I hit one that propelled me down memory lane back to middle school....
(PS--Will somebody please teach me how to put links in my blog?!)
I had no idea they were still updating the band.

It's 1984 all over again!! Oh, I adored Roy! Jenny, Kristie, Amy, Kathy, Andrea, and the rest of the gang--we spent a lot of time singing "Like a Cannonball," "Gotta Get On Movin'," etc. (No, I didn't actually remember the names of the band members or songs. I cheated by getting out the album I still have. Yes, I said album.)


Kim Thomas said...

I love the "next blog". When I have time on my hands I do "next blog" for an hour or so.....It's amazing what I have found. If it werent for this feature Laura and I would have never found Dr Kumar.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I love that you are using the next blog feature!

Found lots of oddities :)

Jinjer said...

Never used "next blog" before. Will try it today, thanks for telling us about it :)

Ann said...

Whenever I use the 'next blog' button, all I get is some foreign language blog that I can't read or some freaky stuff!

I don't even know who this band is...but it looks like pure 80's! LOL!

My oldest album (yes, album) is either an Allman Brothers or a Led Zeppelin, can't remember which one is older. :)