I'm tellin' ya...

...the child can sleep ANYWHERE. And the drool puddle was as big as his head!


Well, RU or RU not a Gun Nut?

Let me start off by declaring this is not a post about gun control! What this post IS about: poking fun at a guy I saw on the local news last night.
They were talking about a meeting at a city hall re: a local group of citizens protesting a possible law banning concealed weapons at the city hall. The spokesman, shown below, for the group (they had an official name for their group, I just don't remember it) held up a local newspaper and stated that the people of his association "did not appreciate being labeled gun nuts." Hmmmm....I just gotta ask!! Do you think the day-glow shirts that say "GUN NUT" in big, black letters maybe gave the impression you are? Just a thought. Mull it over, sir.


Modern Day Hansel & Gretl

I was busy in my bedroom when Princess asked me to please come down stairs. I told her I'd be down in a minute, I just needed to finish sorting some laundry. I guess she thought I wouldn't be able to find my way....I found a trail of books from my bedroom door to the first floor.


Happy Easter!

Princess & Gman both had egg hunts at their preschools. Ever since they've been hiding & hunting for plastic eggs all over the living room.
Gman walked over to me and said, "I see mouth." He grabbed my chin, looked in my mouth, and said, "Hmmmm. No egg there," and walked away in pursuit of what I assume was a very well hidden egg.

Happy Easter to all!


Toddler thought processes

That's the best thing about kids aged 2-4....you find things that make you wonder "What do you suppose they were thinking when they put that there?"

That's Gman's play vacuum & Princess's little play kitchen next to the entertainment unit (note 1000 fingerprints on TV = daily quota). Her little kitchen has assorted plates, cups, pans, etc.

Gman stood in the middle of the room holding the little pan, he then deliberately went over to the unit and hung the pan on the knob and walked away.......? The pan has never been there before (nor since). My pans are kept in a cupboard, in fact, nobody we've ever seen has their pans hanging up. So what do you suppose he was thinking when he put that there?



In keeping with the "twins" theme Kim & Jane started, of things not necessarily identical twins, I finally found the pics I was looking for:

Jane and I are cousins, only 10 mos. separates our ages, and usually half the world separates our homes. I describe her as the sister I never had, & Craig describes me as the sister she doesn't need. We actually look nothing alike, but whenever we were together, we frequently ended up in similar/identical outfits for some outing. The purple skirts were our Vanity Fair Outlet bargains when she came out to Alabama one summer. The blue skirt outfit was for our double dates with actual twins when I came to visit her in Utah--we just both randomly had similar outfits, no planning on that one. Somewhere there is a pic of us, about age 10, both wearing red knickers at the SLC Zoo.


Happy St. Patty's Day!

I found this mailbox last week and thought I'd take a pic to use for today's blog.

I think this is my mom's favorite holiday (other than Christmas). We are Irish descendants, so it's also a heritage thing for us. I enjoy the holiday too, but not as much asMom. When I was a kid, we had to make sure we were wearing green when we went to bed the night before, or else she'd sneak in before the alarm went off and pinch us in our sleep. Thus, I believe in giving my kids an hour lee-way, but after that: It's all fair!

Here's a pic of the kids in their green!


Say Huh?

This is the archive posting of all the noteworthy Say Huh's

December 2008- "Could you please park my car in your garage? It's never been outside at night."----Mom said when she and Paula switched vehicles so the kids could stay the night at Grandma's & Papaw's

November 28, 2008- "Shooting stars move slower in town." -----Princess, debate with Craig over a moving light in the night sky.

November 20, 2008- Paula said to Jane, "I have to keep the ugly coat forever. Now that I know I have The Power of The Ugly Coat, I can hold it over him and he will never forget his coat again."

November 16, 2008- Our friend Clay had someone tell him, "I'd be a vegan if I could just give up leather"

November 9, 2008- Overheard my friend, Jaymi, say to her 4 yr old:
"You can not live on Cheetos alone. I think that's even in the Bible somewhere."

October 2008


Dream cars

Al, like all young people, has a dream car. For him, it is a Lamborghini (although I don't think he'd recognize one if it ran him over). Despite Craig's and my insistence that it'll never be in there, he constantly picks up copies of the "Auto Trader" and "The Nickel" to see if there's one for sale. Aren't all high-end vehicles sold this way? ;-)

It does remind me though of when I was about 12. I lived in Germany then, and all my classmates dreamed of owning a European sports car... most dreamed of a Porshe since it seemed the most likely obtainable one for a kid living in Germany. For me though, it was a red convertible Ferrari. (How ironic that I don't care to ride in my mom's convertible now.)

I spotted one this week, sitting at a red light, and was able to get a pretty good pic of it (by flipping a U thru a gas station and rushing back around.....yeah, I learned a whole lot from my Driver's Ed. DVD....can't ya tell?)

Al and I actually spotted it a few months ago, but weren't able to get to it for a pic before it drove off. Funny thing is....we spotted it parked in a prime parking space in front of Walmart. Mmmmm...if Ferrari drivers shop at Walmart, maybe there really is a slim chance of Al finding a Lamborghini in the "The Auto Trader."


Driver's Ed Rant

I decided to do the Drivers Ed class so I wouldn't have any points on my record from my ticket. They have the "sit in class for 4 hrs and leave" version, but you have NO CONTROL in what day your class is, you cannot reschedule, and if you don't show, your license is suspended. Not exactly an ideal situation when Craig is going to be out of town for a few weeks. They now have the convenient DVD you can rent and take quizzes/test online to prove you watched it. Sounded like a fabulous option--watch at your leisure!


I didn't really take good notes for the 1st section, and flunked the 3 question quiz because I missed the question about something that really had nothing to do with being a good driver. So I took copious notes for the remaining 4 sections--literally 6 pages of notes for each 30-35 minutes of video with frequent pausing/rewinding to write stuff down. I then did great on quizzes (although they don't count in your final grade) but BARELY SCRAPED by on the final exam.

But what's even worse than losing 8 hours of my life for a stupid 4 hr video class?
A. The video/test version is $50; the sit & go class is $15
B.The video is "hosted" by cartoon characters. Your Driver's Ed Cast of characters: Dash; Hula Girl (yes one of those Hula Girl bobble-hip toys that sticks to the dashboard); Otto the hyper Jack Russell Terrier; Duecey and Dot the pair of dice that hang from the mirror; and some curmudgeon character that is a Fir tree air freshener.

Just give them whatever 4 hrs of your life they demand and be done with it!!


Birthday Man!!

Today is my Hubby's birthday. He's a great guy and deserves a great day and a great present. But I just couldn't come up any ideas of my own, and he didn't have any requests, he's stuck with something that, ultimately, is nothing more than a chore-maker/helper. Sorry Honey! I do love you though! Happy Birthday!


Pretending to sleep

Princess and Gman have a new game--when I go to get them out of the van, they pretend to be asleep. The difference in their ages shows...She knows to keep a straight face.



Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings. (FYI-My favorite movie)
Every time a lunch bell rings, Pavlov's pooch starts to drool.
Every time a phone rings, my children turn into raving, maniacal chimpanzees.


First Crush

There's a boy Princess sees about 4-5x a week. Gym daycare on Mon & Fri. Preschool class on Tues & Thurs. Playgroup on Wed. The gals at the gym daycare have commented to his mother that there's a girl who moons over him (investigation yielded Princess as "the girl"). At playgroup today, Princess sweetly put her hands on his forearm and said, "I love you, H-----." He coolly cocked back his head, grinned, and threw her a kiss. If he'd been wearing black leather, it would've looked like a preschool scene from Grease. Maybe I should change Princess's nickname to Olivia Newton-John. She does have a habit of accessorizing like Olivia...this pic is over a yr old.


Lying about weight

We all do it--shave off a pound or two---even two year olds do it. Gman wanted to get on the scale this evening. I told him, "You weigh thirty-point-four. Go tell Daddy!" He runs to the other room, throws open the door and says, "Six!!"



Princess refers to her Daddy's bald spot as the hole on his head. Somehow, she acquired a massive hole in the toe of her sock today. When Craig was tucking her in, he asked her how she got such a big hole. Her reply, "I don't know, but it just keeps getting bigger like the one on your head."
(Understandably, Craig fails to see the brighter side of this.)



Al is SUPER good and/or lucky at playing games. I win when we play games that involve higher-order thought planning than what an 11 year old has (Chess, Clue). He wins pretty much everything else we play. During one of Al's 4,000 snow days, we got out Monopoly. We're a little more evenly matched, but he still does win more often. Al is not a "gracious winner" yet. His gloating frequently involves touch-down style dances. On this particular day, I was winning....big. After all that I have endured during his wins, I have to admit relishing the moment he reached the point of all properties on mortgage and after paying me rent, he had EXACTLY: