Toddler thought processes

That's the best thing about kids aged 2-4....you find things that make you wonder "What do you suppose they were thinking when they put that there?"

That's Gman's play vacuum & Princess's little play kitchen next to the entertainment unit (note 1000 fingerprints on TV = daily quota). Her little kitchen has assorted plates, cups, pans, etc.

Gman stood in the middle of the room holding the little pan, he then deliberately went over to the unit and hung the pan on the knob and walked away.......? The pan has never been there before (nor since). My pans are kept in a cupboard, in fact, nobody we've ever seen has their pans hanging up. So what do you suppose he was thinking when he put that there?


Kim Thomas said...

I don't know the answer to the knob/pan question but let me tell you that I give you Kudos for teaching this boy to vacuum! He will make a great husband someday.

Queen B said...

ha! this is great! I bet he was thinking that if he hung the pan there that he would be able to easily find it next time he wanted it. Or, he thought it was a nice decoration :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

He is exihibiting his control of the kitchen :)

Ann said...

Maybe G-man is going to be a little chef someday? :)

Jinjer said...

I agree with Ann...Gman is the next Chef Ramsey LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have seen it on the knob before, but I didn't know who put it there. Miss you guys bunches.


Me ;-)