Halloween is Oct 31st still, right?

Not only was this woman arrested in her cow costume, but she showed up for her court hearing wearing it!!!


Memory Lane Monday

Here's my little guys, although neither is really little. Gman was the earliest of the 3 and the heaviest, he weighed in at 8.5 pounds. Al is 9, Gman is 2 wks in this picture. Al was so proud to have a little sister and little brother.


You stink. No, you stink.

Gman came up to Princess to give her a hug and she yelled, "Whew!
No! You stink!" So Craig took him to change his diaper and said, "Princess was right. You stink."
Gman, being a typical little brother, replied, "Princess stinks."


What's under your washer?

As I was finishing up my 3rd load of laundry yester-afternoon, I thought to myself "Hmmm, it smells like rotting pumpkins in here. I wonder why? It didn't smell like this an hour ago. Hmmmm." But as usual, the 3 kids (2 of them sick) beckoned my attention, keeping me from answering life's big questions. And I forgot all about it.

Later that evening, Craig is heading out thru the laundry room and yells to me, "Why does it smell like rotting pumpkins in the laundry room?" (Further proof of why we're MFEO--think Sleepless in Seattle)

Now, as you look at this picture, keep in mind, the linoleum in the laundry room is not blue.

So, what IS blue in our laundry room??
A. The rug
B. The 100 ounce jug of Tide that I just bought that WAS sitting on top of the washer. In small quantities, it smells like Clean Breeze. In large quantities....rotting pumpkins.

And now to add to the list of "Things that are blue in our laundry room":
2 pennies, 3 AA batteries, 8 puzzle pieces, 2 screws, 1 screwdriver, 1 pair cleats, 1 pen, 1 pencil and 100 pounds of lint. What's under your washer?


license plates

KFuj's latest posts of license plates reminded me that I've been collecting pics of personalized license plates. Some are hard to read because my old phone didn't work so good for pics on the fly.

(I'll admit, I'm a dieter too. But WHY would you put that on your tail end?)

Apparently, there are some sick Kentucky license plates out there...here's 2:




Duct Tape

I think he missed a spot.


Latest kid news

Al: that's him in the middle facing the camera. He tackled the guy in white at his feet. Then the other 9 guys were on top of Al. When he came towards the sideline holding his left arm, I wasn't that worried...until he uncovered it. I swear it looked like his forearm bones were trying to poke thru his skin! And I was standing a good 8 steps away! Turns out its just a severe (and very instant!) bone bruise.

Princess: has been on a HUGE coloring jag this week. Literally hours sitting at the table coloring. Craig went to go upstairs last night and couldn't go because she'd put all her pictures on display using the stairs as easels.

Gman: On Monday, he finally stopped crying when being dropped off at preschool...10th time's a charm? This morning, he went running in! Could he BE any cuter? He's the only one of the 3 to have a dimple. I love it!


Birthday Party

Gman's birthday was a couple weeks, we didn't have his party til the weekend. I'm a terrible mom for just now getting the pics up.
It was Thomas the Train everywhere! He had a great time! After cake and presents, we turned about a dozen kids loose in the back yard with the sprinkler.

Can't believe our baby is 3!!


HCBC Photo Competition

I made an entry that was intended as a joke since I hadn't planned on participating. It was on my old (dead) phone and alas is too difficult for me to re-acquire. It was a pic containing my foot, my driver's license, a bottle of ketchup and Teddy Graham's spilled on my floor by one of the kids. Kim's got it.

Then I decided to actually submit a pic that, while not difficult to get, had a miraculous story behind it. When Gman was being really fussy one afternoon, I told him "I think you need to go lay down on your bed and take a rest."
He said, "OK" and he actually went! AND really did take a nap!
Those are his glasses laying on the floor (in the blue circle) where he set them down before climbing into his bed!

Memory Lane Monday

Green Eggs & Ham has always been a favorite of mine. The other night I read it to Gman at bedtime. When I turned out the light, he said "In the dark," and I was instantly hurtled down Memory Lane to when Al was about 3 or 4. I read that book to him a lot too-- it was his favorite. He had never quoted the book or even said any of it out loud as I read it. He just loved to be read to. One night as I tucked him in after reading it for the zillionth time and turned out the light, he quoted word for word, even using my inflections "Saaaaaay! In the dark. Here in the dark. Would you, could you, in the dark?"


Career choices

Princess walked up to me a few weeks ago wearing this get-up (that's a sun visor worn upside down) and said, "I'm a nurse lollipopper!" I assume she meant candystriper.

I asked Al yesterday if he had any thoughts yet as to what he wanted to do when he was grown up. His answer was "No. But I know I want a job that I can afford a Lamborghini."


Last Full-Serve in the KY

Still have pics in the Brighter Side Vault (aka old cell phone) that haven't been shared yet.
From my trip to the hospital in WVa. a few weeks ago, this is at a gas station. What you see there in the middle is the elderly full-service attendant.........riding on his Jazzy!


I remember

I still remember where I was and how I first heard about what was going on in New York and Washington, DC. I had friends who were frequently in the Pentagon for meetings. I remember calling them and always getting that infernal "All lines are busy, please try again." I was so worried for them, and everyone in all those buildings. I remember trying to explain to my 5 year old what he had seen on TV, without terrifying him more than he already was from his school being on lock-down all day.
I remember going to Ground Zero that December and just being dumbstruck. I remember looking through a restaurant window a few blocks away and seeing all the tables so beautifully set with linen table cloths, goblets & silverware, yet all of it was covered with a film of white ash... Still. I remember the NYPD officer standing there, somehow protecting the hole with his presence and how I just felt that I had to touch him, had to tell him how sorry and thankful I was for him and his brethren.

Lets honor all those we lost by living on, and yet always remembering.
Lets thank all those who keep it even a possibility.

Roll on!

photo credit


Catch up

I've fallen behind in all my stories to tell...so here's a few random events from the last few days:

A. Clay at the AT&T store diagnosed my phone's condition as terminal (I'm suuuuure it had nothing to do with any commission he may earn). He did at least get it going enough that I can try to get all my pics off, but there's soooo many, I may forego most. (If someone has a USB cable they can loan me that will work on a Samsung flip phone, let me know and we'll compare model #'s)

B. Said phone has already been replaced. I am very excited to introduce you all to my pink BlackJack! It's a little frustrating to get used to and I'm still trying to figure it all out, but in the end, I know I'll love it!

Gman's reaction to my pink excitement.

D. UK Wildcats had their first home game this weekend. We stomped Norfolk 38-3! More importantly, we beat Louisville on their field the week before!! We're 2-0 to start the season! Go Big Blue!

E. At the game, Princess was eating a big pretzel. When I commented that it was bigger than her head, she had to check to see if I was right:

F. My mom & dad participated in a golf tourney this past weekend. Dad got the silver for his group. And my mom? Yes, she's a gold medalist folks!!!

G. Another golf story: I was sitting in the living room, watching the news when I saw a flash of movement in my peripheral vision just as Princess yells "Fore!" (Generally something that would strike fear in the heart of most moms). Here's a re-enactment picture. That's a Barbie doll being swung by her feet at a wiffle ball sitting atop a toy kaleidoscope.


My Memory

Al is always boggled by my lack of short term memory. I'll admit...it is awful.
Our convo yesterday morning:

Al: I can't find my insert: whatever it was that was missing (See, I've forgotten already what it was!).
Me: You'll need to look for it. And not the kind of looking you did when you lost your glasses. I mean ACTUALLY LOOK FOR IT.
Al (in that 'tween' voice): Mom, you freak me out. Why is it you remember the things I wish you would forget? But I can tell you something, and 5 minutes later you don't remember it?

Sorry, Al. It's kinda like that "eyes in the back of my head" thing.


Keyboard envy

My cell phone (which has been dieing a slow, lingering death for months) apparently heard me talkin' smack about it. I can no longer send or receive texts or images.

PS--Kim, I was very excited to get my first pic directly from Kim!!! It lets me see that you sent me one, and even taunts me by letting me see the name of the file, but I can't see it. And it won't let me text you to tell you. Can you email it?

Memory Lane Monday

This stroll down Memory Lane takes us back a ginormous time-travel of 6 months leading up to 2 weeks ago.

Hate is a strong word. I hated-hated the dishwasher (insert Craig: But it works.). Any appliance that gets used that often in a family of 5 should be the love of a mom's life, third only to the family and the laundry appliances.
I hated it with every fiber of my being. It was small (insert Craig: But it works.). The kids' sippy cups and little snack bowls flipped over and filled up with nasty water. Five or six of the tines were starting to rust. (insert Craig: But it works.) It was so loud you couldn't sit on the couch, which is approx 25-30 feet from the kitchen, and still be able to watch TV. It didn't have time-delay, which meant we always forgot to start the thing before going up to bed, but then again, I'd have a hard time going to sleep when it was running. There was nothing good about that dishwasher (insert Craig: But it works.)

Our first agreement was to get one with our tax refund. It came but Craig (rightfully so) fervently argued "But it works, why replace it?" And, having learned that marriage is about compromise, I developed the second "agreement": Fine. We'll wait. But when it dies, I get to sit at the bar and watch you hand wash every dish, cup, & pan, every night until the new one is installed. Be warned, the Maul's did dishes for 2 weeks waiting for delivery & install."
I am REALLY not a patient person. I reminded him of this new 'agreement' every opportunity I got.
Then came a time when he would be traveling for work several times, 4-7 days each. "What if the dishwasher dies while I'm out of town?" he inquired with a grin. I replied, with a deadpan voice, "There's a big section of attorneys in the yellow pages. I'll find you one willing to do your dishes until you return." Then I reminded him of this caveat every time he traveled.

Me likey the new dishwasher!!!!! See the first load? (yes, it was a small load. I said I was impatient. I'd already waited 6 months, you want me to wait 4 more hours?!) Look at all those cups and snack bowls come out perfectly! I can be 12 inches from it and talk on the phone!

PS--Thank you, Honey! Yes, it worked. But it sucked. Thank you for making me happy, even if I sometimes have to wait for it! ;-)


Caption this photo

Went to Sam's Club yesterday. While passing by the books I noticed these politician's "memoirs,"
but they are children's books! I can't think of a clever caption, so it's up to you all!

new features

As some have noticed, I've added 2 things to the right side of the blog.

Random blog of the Week---it's just that. I plan to scout for new blogs on Thursdays and will put a link to one I think is cool or has some great quality about it.

Say huh? -- will be anything: a pic, a quote from an email or someone who said something bizarre.

Coming soon.....tunes.


How to rest amongst chaos

I caught Craig on camera, laying down on our rock-covered concrete porch. After mowing the lawn, he knew the only way to get to rest was to stay outside.


A very good day!

For a few reasons:
A. It's Gman's Birthday!!! Our baby turns 3!
B. He also started preschool today! His favorite part of it all is his lunch box.
C. Princess's first preschool day pic was last Tuesday:

And so, when you do the math, B+C =D........

I had about 1.5 hours of free time which lead to this:

In case you were wondering, that's a wet floor and nobody is walking on it or spilling their drink on it before I even put the mop away.
(It's the Brighter side, people! What did you expect?)