Santa's number

The conversation went like this?

Craig: Behave, or I'll tell Santa on you.
Princess: Do you have Santa's phone number?
C: 1-800-SANTA
P: The phone only has numbers, how do you dial letters? Is that *really* his number?
C: No, but I know his number.
P: How'd you find out his number?
C: Its something grown-ups know.
P: When did you find out, in college?
C: No, when you have a kid at the hospital, the nurses tell you.


Spousal Conversations

The conversation went like this:

Paula: I just want water to go down a hole. It's not rocket science.
Craig: No, it's much harder than that. It's plumbing.
Paula (after she stops laughing): That was funny.
Craig: It's true. And I'd rather do rocket science.


Say, Huh? (#9)

Gman was being particularly adorable at the dinner table.
Sitting next to Princess, the conversation went like this:

Mom: Gman, could you *BE* any cuter?
Gman (pointing at sister): No. But she can.


So proud!!!!

Al set a personal record of 19:22 this weekend!

photo credit: Jim Mrvos


Same old tricks

Recall when a toddler-aged Gman hung the toy pan on the entertainment stand?

He's at it again a few years later...It's a sword on a light switch in the hallway. In case he needs to do battle with an intruder?


Teen Words #4

The conversation went like this:

Teen: Why won't her mom let her come with us to the movie?
Mom: Some moms don't want their daughter out alone with a group of guys.
Teen: But its okay if its a group of girls and one guy?
Mom: Yup.
Teen: Why?
Mom: Its just diffterent. Teen guys tend to not think when with a group of their guy friends. And sometimes, the more guys, the dumber they get.
Teen: So we're dangerously dumb in packs?


Princess, a.k.a. Kilroy?

Grandma took the kids to the Grand Opening Weekend of a new yogurt place in town..they were taking pictures with the mascot...


Order of Importance

This summer, the kids are keeping a daily journal of what they do each day.
Gman had an eventful day today...especially by 5 y.o. standards.
  • He went to day camp.
  • They went to the pool.
  • He got to pick Chick-fil-a for dinner.
  • He fell on the Chick-fil-a playground and got a big black goose-egg right next to his eye.
  • We took a little trip to the ER since his pupil didn't appear to be dilating (btw, he's fine).
His journal entry sums up his exciting day. He had to be reminded of the 2nd part.


Dance Recital Videos!

Gman's Boys HipHop Dance Class Recital video.
They just couldn't be any more cute/funny!

Princess's Dance Recital video.
She did fabulous!


Future Loggers of America

Those are dead tree branches from the forest near Craig's mom's house.
Can we go back to the days when they played outside and all they brought in were rocks?


Say, Huh? (#8)

The conversation went like this:
Gman: How long has it been?
Craig: Since what?
G: How long has it been?
C: Since what?
C: How long has it been since what?
G: Since the start.
P: 8 million years
C: Since the start of what?
Al: *snicker*
G: What time is it?
C: It's 7:10
G: But what WAS the time?
P: Who's on first?
A: *snicker*
C: When?
G: what time was it THEN?
C: THEN what?
G: *Sigh* Just tell me how long has it been.
C: How long has it been since what?
G: Since then!!!!!
C: *SIGH* What do you want?
G: One of the orange juice popsicles Mom made in the freezer. How long has it been?
P: 8 million years.


Yes, it would have to be

There's just no other "collection" it would fit in.