Say, Huh? (#8)

The conversation went like this:
Gman: How long has it been?
Craig: Since what?
G: How long has it been?
C: Since what?
C: How long has it been since what?
G: Since the start.
P: 8 million years
C: Since the start of what?
Al: *snicker*
G: What time is it?
C: It's 7:10
G: But what WAS the time?
P: Who's on first?
A: *snicker*
C: When?
G: what time was it THEN?
C: THEN what?
G: *Sigh* Just tell me how long has it been.
C: How long has it been since what?
G: Since then!!!!!
C: *SIGH* What do you want?
G: One of the orange juice popsicles Mom made in the freezer. How long has it been?
P: 8 million years.


Bianka said...

Some of my favorite posts are the conversation ones. Hilarious!!

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