3 family reunions, 1 weekend

We made a trip to Salt Lake City/Ogden last week. Our flight schedule can only be described as bizarre (i.e., 13 hour layover in Dallas), but that's what you do in order to get all 5 family members on the same plane while using the airline's free miles. I won't bore you non-family members with 4 dozen pictures from the extensive, dizzying itinerary we maintained in order to see 3 different "sides" of my family in one weekend. Here's the funnies:
With all the activities, parks, playgrounds, ice cream at a 90 yr old shoppe, pools, hot tubs, dozens of cousins, and airplanes airplanes airplanes...etc, etc, etc. What do you suppose was Gman's favorite part of the trip? Riding on the SkyLink train at the DFW airport.

The second item is actually what I wanted to show you. It's "Polygamy Pale Ale." HeeHee...Polygamy jokes...in Utah. But what is polygamist about this beer is: the large trial-size glass my brother purchased out of curiosity was passed around the table......6 people tasted it and there was STILL some left over! I didn't taste it, but all agreed that it was gross.

OK....for whatever reason, I thought this was too funny.
I'm told that these stickers are on all alcoholic beverages sold in stores in Utah. It says "Unlawful to Remove" along the top of the sticker. It's kind of like the tags on pillows and matresses. How does this make sense?

It was 90 +/- degrees every day, and yet snow on the mountains! Everyone said they don't ever remember seeing snow up there in mid-June.

Every time we drove past this:

Princess would say "U is for Uty-tah." She and Gman kept saying a treasure is buried up there under the U and they should go dig it up (as in, X marks the spot).



Princess walked up to her daddy and said, "Bend down and I'll tell you a secret."
She cupped her hand over her mouth, whispered "If I tell you, it won't be a secret," and she walked away!


Monkey's Uncle

Gman and Craig were wrestling. I got in on the action by "laying on" Gman. I told him, "Say monkey's uncle and Mommy will get up!" Gman replied, "Monkey get up!"

Been gone to Utah...post pics and stories when we return to the normal level of chaos.


Garden Tools

I've heard of rakes, hoes, shovels.....but scotch tape? Al is still tending to a plant he brought home from his science class that is growing in a Gatorade bottle on the window sill. I gotta commend him....I couldn't have kept it alive this long.


Free Give-away

One of my former basket-sales friends now makes GORGEOUS beaded jewelry and cell phone accessories. She's doing a free give-away in honor of her son's 3rd adoption anniversary (there's a pic of him too! He's a cutie). You can get the details here.

PS--Yeah! I figured out how to do links!


2- year old's trajedy

Alert Social Services. I put his milk in the wrong type of cup. He's not crying...just pouting.


Happy Father's Day

To a wonderful man who is an awesome Dad to our kids:

And to a couple other great Dads:

My Dad and Craig's Dad


Job requirements

Princess keeps wearing panties under her dance leotards, even though I tell her she doesn't need to. So she goes around with Dora or Tinker Bells hanging out. Today is the recital which I plan to video tape, so I tell her not to wear panties under her leotard today.

"But Moooooooooom, If I don't wear panties, I can't be a ballerina!"


Where are your/my shoes?

It's question uttered often around here...just about every morning, for or by each child.
It's no wonder. She came in from dance class and less than 20 minutes later:

Kitchen......& 26 ft away........ Living Rm.


Kid Heaven

They absolutely love this thing!

Gman said THEE FUNNIEST thing! Story set up needed: For the last 9 months, Princess and Gman got Happy Meals from the drive-thru every week--usually Tuesdays as we jetted from her pre-school pick-up to his pre-school drop-off.

The other day as they were playing on the swing set, he climbed up the ladder and stood at the window smiling down at me & my in-laws ever so sweetly.

He opened the window, looked out at us and suddenly yelled, "McDonald's!"



Is the hardest color to clean off a kid....cheetos, cheese puffs, BBQ Chips.

Here's my Junior Grippos' Addict--Sr. would be his father.
(Grippos' are extremely spicy BBQ chips sold out here)


Mom's Minivan Sit-In Movie Theatre

I needed to buy a little time of sitting in the van, eating lunch before going in to the doctor's office. Mulan DVD to the rescue! I really didn't think it would work with the big one, though!


Hide & Seek

Yesterday: Craig was laying in the bed. Gman was sitting next to him and says "Hide & Seek!" Gman lays down ON daddy's shoulder, hides his face and starts to count.
1...2... (Craig pulls sheet over his head)
"Ready not, here come"
(Gman pulls sheet down)
"Daddy!! I find you!!!"

Today: Gman got glasses! He's just so darn cute!!!

PS--speaking of "Hide & Seek," from my "Home Sweet Home" post....nobody commented on my blue roof or my house number!


Curly Top

Princess finally let me curl her hair with the sponge curlers she begged me to buy months ago. Remember sponge curlers? It looked sooo beautiful!

My mom used to do my hair with those all the time when I was little, mine were pink. My dad had to do them once for school pictures because my mom was in the hospital...I think it was 3rd grade. He tried so hard!