Craig survived my 1st day @ work!

A few weeks ago, when I was offered this job, my fear was that the first day would come and it would be a snow day for the kids. I really didn't want to have to "call in" on my first day, so Craig arranged today to be a vacation day for him "just in case". I was so shocked to wake up today and find that it was in fact a snow day!!!

As I was packing up to leave, I discovered soda dripping down the back of the fridge.
As Craig & I were getting things out of the fridge to get to the soda, Kool-aid was dribbled All. Over. The. Kitchen.
Al entered still feeling sick (suspect strep).

I ended up having to leave Craig to handle it all, with a cheery "Love ya! Please don't forget to ask for his Rx refill while you're at the peds office. Bye!"
Isn't he a great guy!?
Great first day of new job. Al has just a cold.
Life is good.


Alligator Math

We went to The Newport Aquarium yesterday! "It's a Million gallons of Fun!"

Gman + Princess + Al = 14 foot Mighty Mike

I now have proof!

Herding my 3 kids is like wrestling a 14 foot alligator!!


The Job

For the first time in nearly 6 years, I'll be working part-time! And its been 7.5 years since I worked in an office. I've been shopping for work attire and shoes since I'm pretty sure dust and dry rot are not in vogue. This will be my first time working/parking downtown. I'll have to walk a block or so, too. I'll be working 5 days a week, and will get home with only a few minutes to spare before the little ones get off the bus. When will I do laundry? Grocery shop? How will I remember to take something out of the freezer before I leave...I have a hard enough time remembering to do that now! I will definitely have to start thinking of all the logistics! But I'm very excited!