Secondary uses, part 3

Where the parmesan and red pepper used to go:


Dazzling Deal

Original Price for all four pieces would be $999.96, but in this "dazzling deal", you can get them all for just $399.96!!
WOW What a bargain! Order Now!


Tagged....The Andrea's are now it!

This afternoon, I was tagged by Queen B, to stop, drop and snap a pic. (I'm just now getting around to blogging it).

Here are the rules of the tag:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Do not edit the picture in ANY WAY!
3. Upload it to your blog.
4. Tag as little or as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!

I tag BOTH Andreas!


Our dancin' kids

The little ones had their dance recital this past weekend at the Lexington Opera House. It was so great! I nearly cried. Princess looked lovely and knew most of the routine. I was so surprised that she let me put mascara on her! Gman is the only boy in the class, so he was kind of the center of the show for one of the songs his class did. The song was about a boy in "a polka dot vest with pink shoelaces." At the very end, all of the classes came out on stage and Princess & Gman's class was in front of the group. All the parents were waving to their kids, but Gman just assumed they were all waving at him and he waved back at every one.


Dandelion wishes

Lots of dandelions at the park, some have turned into puffballs already. Gman hands one to me.
G: I want to blow it!
Me: Make a wish first.
G: I wish to blow the flower!


Inflight Trivia & Safety Info Cards

As most of you know, Princess and I took a trip during spring break to visit my Grandfather in Washington--the one with tsunami routes (btw, he started his chemo and so far that's going better than expected.) Princess is an awesome airplane traveler. On the flight from ATL to Seattle, our plane had the LCD screens with various entertainment like the Inflight Trivia Challenge. Each round has 20 multiple choice questions, 4 possible answers each. So statistically speaking, a 5 yo who reads at best a kindergarten level, should average 25% correct. And when you consider she answered most without even attempting to read questions, she really should not have been faring well in the competition. In one round, after the 16th question, out of a field of 14 players, I leaned over to the woman playing across the aisle and whispered, "The player in first place is my 5 year old daughter who reads on an kindergarten level." True statement!

Princess is very OCD about the "Flight Safety Information Card." This is the 3rd trip we've been on in 15 months that involved airplanes (on that first one, she was still 3 yo). All 3 trips involved 4 planes each due to layovers. On all 12 planes, as soon as her butt hit the seat, she pulled out the Flight Safety Information Card. She inspects every single picture and graphic. Any that she doesn't understand or has been drawn differently than the previous plane's card, she will ask me to explain that picture and ask me a 100 questions.

On our way back from Seattle, we were on a jumbo sized jet to Atlanta; the card gave detailed pictures of how to open/remove the window exits. "OOOHH, so THAT's how you open the window doors!" My response, "You weigh 38 pounds. The door weighs twice as much as you. Let an adult do that for you, okay?" The flight from Atlanta to Louisville was a smaller plane. When she looked at the layout of the plane on the card, she let out a BIG gasp. "MOM! This airplane is missing the exit doors in the back!"

Yeah, if ever on a plane that has problems...we'll all be following her.


New Toys

Al is the proud new owner of an iPod Touch. He has been working & saving up since July of last year.

Craig & I are the proud new owners of a 3-year warranty plan.


Tween Words (#2)

In the span of one 5 minute conversation, he had several word mispronunciations. I just had to ask him: "You know that's goin' on the blog, right?"

The funniest one though was for the word "Buddha"
Tween says just like Saturday Night Live's Mike Meyers as Linda Richmond on "Coffee Talk"


Oh wait!!!! I forgot the other hysterical one. See if you can guess what it is:


It's official (almost anyways)

There are many ways to mark a season as officially started. For me, Spring has come when the following 3 things happen:
A. My Birthday.....CHECK Happy B'day to my fellow 4/7 celebrators: Sydney, Alice, Meg and 4 of my neighbors--yes there are 5 of us within a tenth of a mile with the same birthday.
B. I receive this in the mail.....CHECK

Yeah, Baby!! However, I was EXTREMELY upset to discover that we do not play LSU at home this year! I am HIGHLY. PUT. OUT. by this because that means I won't get to have a certain "Purple & Gold Fan/Funaholics" come visit me this fall! We don't even play them at all! Craig explained it had something stupid to do with conference stupid sizes, and stupid "only playing here every 4 years." Stupid SEC, messin' with MY visitor schedule!

C. Warm weather......WAS a check until today!


Checked Baggage

While doing the online check-in for my flight....

If you're checking a special item online:

......yadda, yadda....

Special items include:

  • Overweight bags: .....
  • Oversize bags: .....
  • Assistive devices: .....
  • Sporting equipment: .....
  • Fragile/bulky items: Saddle, antlers, Hawaiian pineapples, military duffle bags
Yeah, we don't grow too many of those in KY, or Seattle.


Spring Break Field Trip

This week is Spring Break for us. I took the kids to the aquarium in northern KY. Here's a pic of us in our normal state, and one not. You be the judge....



My April Fool's Day Baby!

Today is Princess's Birthday!! (For real, no joke!) My folks didn't believe us when we called them at 3 a.m. to ask them to meet us at the hospital so they could pick up Al and take him home so he could go back to bed.

Her present from us was delivered yesterday...a new big girl, Hannah Montana bed!

Happy 5th Birthday, Princess! We all love you!
Dad, Mom, Al & Gman
Ma, Grandma & Papaw
and scores of other people!