I may have to start a new series entitled "What would possess her to do that?!" seeing how I find myself saying that often lately. This time I know what it was.....the contest is: can you guess who possessed her. There are a couple people who know this story...so you are ineligible. But the winner will get a prize!!!

The blue thing entangled in her hair is a piece of gum. She knew what she doing; she just didn't get the result she was looking for. Who possessed her?


Cuz KT told me to

The Swine flu scare is spreading deep and wide!

I received this in an email, so I have no idea who to give photo credit to.


Our KY Family Derby

Lately, we have developed a daily race between Princess and Al to get ready for school in the morning. The winner gets to choose what music we listen to on the way to school. This started out as a great idea! I had 2 mornings that were fabulous! My fave being the morning Princess got up, dressed and combed her own hair without anyone knowing she was up (including me!) and before Al was even out of bed.

But the race has developed so many caveats that it's become work to me: ie, you lose if you sabotage your sibling getting ready, or if you run thru the house and knock over laundry hampers...etc, etc. If I have to declare the winner forfeited, then I get to choose the music. To teach them a lesson, I chose Josh Groban. It worked on Al, he thinks its opera. But it backfired with Princess--Track #1 is my fave, and now its hers, too.

Today as we listened to Hannah Montana in the car, Al started mockingly dancing to the music. I taunted him, "I think somebody is a closet Hannah fan."
Al said, "You can check my closet. You won't find anything Hannah Montana in it."


Family Pets

Gman's teacher: Do you have a pet? Like a cat or a dog?
Gman: Nah. I have a girl. Her name is M-----. She's 5.

I usually respond, "No. I decided to have children instead."


Backlog of Blog Fodder, Vehicle Edition

I have a massive back log of pics for the blog. I noticed many had to do with cars.

A. How to know if you are too opinionated: compare the quantity of your bumper stickers to the random 5 cars parked next to you. If you have 25, and they average to less than 1...you are a bit out there.

B. Oh yes I did!

C. The dance recital to that song was cool!

D. I wish this pic had come out better.
When hillbillies wed. It says "Yun's outta know weav bin hitched!"


F. Pyromaniac's car


Tween Words (#3)

I took Al and Princess to MickyDee's for breakfast this morning before school. We got an order of Cinnamon Melts to share between the 3 of us.

Mom: Princess gets the last bite.
Al: Why?
Mom: You already ate 1/2 the package!
Al: OK, but when she's done, can I lick the holder clean?
Mom: Nooo!
Al: But there are kids starving in Africa who would love to do that.
Mom: But you aren't one of them.


What you miss with TiVo

The pitfalls of fast-forwarding thru the commercials.

The Smart Mop

Set-up: Spilled soda on the floor, use the Smart Mop to clean it up

Announcer says: .....and in these tough times, wring it back into the glass and its ready to drink! Call now!!

Craig's comment: If that's your philosophy, why not use a straw to drink it straight off the floor?


Say Huh?

This "Say Huh?" is just TOOOO BIG to stick over in the side bar:

As I sit down in Gman's room to read him a bedtime story, I notice that several of the race car wall decals are missing from his wall.

Me (in stern mother voice): Gman, where are all of your race car stickers?
G: What? (looks at the wall and starts SOBBING his head off)
G (yelling/crying): Where's all my race cars?!
Note to self....he clearly had nothing to do with it.
Princess walks in.
G ( still yelling/crying): What you do to my stickers?
Princess (very matter-of-factly): I hate yellow. I threw away all the ones that had yellow on them.



Princess sings

I promise, my kids do more than just play the Wii, they just tend to do/say funny things when they are playing it!

I think she was playing Mario Baseball and apparently was doing well because she suddenly started singing:

I'm winnin'
I'm winnin'
Oh yeah
Here's your breakdown
Here's your breakdown


My KY Derby P.S.A.

Here is my public service announcement for all of you not familiar with the events of the day:

If it's the first Saturday of May, then it has to be the Kentucky Derby! Described as thee most exciting 2 minutes in sports. This year's is the 135th Kentucky Derby. Longaberger made the mistake of trying to plan a seminar for Kentucky consultants today (there are a few thousand of us in KY)...only "a handful" registered. The rest sent emails and made phone calls expressing their mild-outrage, one quoted as saying the Derby is like Christmas to Kentuckians, and "you don't plan trainings on Christmas."

And in Kentucky, it's not just about the race! Derby festivities started about 2 weeks ago in Louisville: Air Shows, fireworks, running races, and of course the Barnestable Brown Gala was last night-- only the hottest, hippest celebs, country and rock stars and sports MVP's get invited to. And Derby day is just as much about the fashion, but ESPECIALLY the hats...it is ALL ABOUT the hats!

There are many ways to pick a horse. Some are scientific, some are more astrology based. Most common determining factors for people, in random order:
  • the trainer
  • the jockey
  • horse's previous race times
  • the horse's sire/mare
  • the horse's name
  • the color of the jockey's silks
  • the starting gate number
So pick your favorite horse (mine is General Quarters) and heed the bugle call to the post at 6:24 (ET)!