My KY Derby P.S.A.

Here is my public service announcement for all of you not familiar with the events of the day:

If it's the first Saturday of May, then it has to be the Kentucky Derby! Described as thee most exciting 2 minutes in sports. This year's is the 135th Kentucky Derby. Longaberger made the mistake of trying to plan a seminar for Kentucky consultants today (there are a few thousand of us in KY)...only "a handful" registered. The rest sent emails and made phone calls expressing their mild-outrage, one quoted as saying the Derby is like Christmas to Kentuckians, and "you don't plan trainings on Christmas."

And in Kentucky, it's not just about the race! Derby festivities started about 2 weeks ago in Louisville: Air Shows, fireworks, running races, and of course the Barnestable Brown Gala was last night-- only the hottest, hippest celebs, country and rock stars and sports MVP's get invited to. And Derby day is just as much about the fashion, but ESPECIALLY the hats...it is ALL ABOUT the hats!

There are many ways to pick a horse. Some are scientific, some are more astrology based. Most common determining factors for people, in random order:
  • the trainer
  • the jockey
  • horse's previous race times
  • the horse's sire/mare
  • the horse's name
  • the color of the jockey's silks
  • the starting gate number
So pick your favorite horse (mine is General Quarters) and heed the bugle call to the post at 6:24 (ET)!


Ruthie Girl said...

How can you not go with Mr. Hot Stuff although he shares his same uniform with 3 others-LAME!

Favorite jersey-Papa Clem.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include the Mint Julep - a drink that includes Kentucky Bourbon. I made fabulous bourbon brownies for our Derby Hat Contest & Derby Dessert Contest at work yesterday. I made a Mint Julep Punch too - probably would have been better with Kentucky Bourbon. I couldn't resist buying a Derby Entertaining Cookbook - Traditioonal Kentucky Recipes this year. I'm going to learn to make Derby Pie and it has great recipes with grits & Hot Browns & the list goes on and on.... I guess after 18 yrs of living in Ky I need to learn how to cook all these good things. Mom

Paula said...

You're right! I totally forgot the Mint Juleps!!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I pick "Join in the dance" just cause I like the name!

We need a picture of you in your hat!!!

Diane said...

I would pick Square Eddy(I like the purple) or Quality Road(reminds me of Charlie Brown)

Bianka said...

I almost always pick based on the colors. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have bet one the winner - who would have guessed - 50 to 1 odds. Holy Cow! Aunt Rae

Kim Thomas said...

Darn that I just saw this. I love a good bet