Say Huh?

This "Say Huh?" is just TOOOO BIG to stick over in the side bar:

As I sit down in Gman's room to read him a bedtime story, I notice that several of the race car wall decals are missing from his wall.

Me (in stern mother voice): Gman, where are all of your race car stickers?
G: What? (looks at the wall and starts SOBBING his head off)
G (yelling/crying): Where's all my race cars?!
Note to self....he clearly had nothing to do with it.
Princess walks in.
G ( still yelling/crying): What you do to my stickers?
Princess (very matter-of-factly): I hate yellow. I threw away all the ones that had yellow on them.



Kim Thomas said...

There is nothing good about this.

Jane can prepare you for when they are both teens. Last month REM put mustaches on all MJM's favorite posters.

Jenn Ann said...

Oh wow, we need to declare today Bright Yellow Day!

Paula said...

LOL...that sounds like something REM would do!

Ruthie Girl said...

Yellow is making a lot of people crazy these days.

I love her spirit. I hope Gman can survive.

Kindergarten next year?!?!

Queen B said...


Anonymous said...

I hate yellow too. But, you might remind her that he will be bigger than her some day. So she should be a little more careful. Aunt Rae

Anonymous said...

Maybe he needs to take down a few of her Hannah Montana stickers off her wall.....with your help so she can see how it hurts for someone to destroy something she likes and enjoys. Mom