Backlog of Blog Fodder, Vehicle Edition

I have a massive back log of pics for the blog. I noticed many had to do with cars.

A. How to know if you are too opinionated: compare the quantity of your bumper stickers to the random 5 cars parked next to you. If you have 25, and they average to less than 1...you are a bit out there.

B. Oh yes I did!

C. The dance recital to that song was cool!

D. I wish this pic had come out better.
When hillbillies wed. It says "Yun's outta know weav bin hitched!"


F. Pyromaniac's car


Anonymous said...

I don't understand bumper stickers. I can't understand people spending thousands of dollars for a car and putting bumper stickers on it. Although I do have a FOP sticker on the back corner of my window thinking it would save me from a ticket - not so.... Mom

Kim Thomas said...

A. What is wrong with people?

D. OMG!!!!

E. I love this!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Great collection!!!

Andrea said...

OYES!DID would be a great plate, too!

Queen B said...

LMAO at A and D!