Monster-free Cabinetry: Priceless

Princess enters room: "Gman made smoke."
Craig as he exits room: He what?!?!

Gman sprayed the dry-chemical fire extinguisher in the kitchen cabinet that contains every small kitchen appliance we own. Fortunately, the nozzle was facing the back of the cabinet. But it still made A REALLY BIG FOGGY MESS.

3 hours later, Craig has washed "Every small appliance known to man-kind." (Doesn't he totally rock for washing all those?! His comment "I'm not even sure what some of these do.") I've scrubbed out the cabinet and thrown away items that weren't worth cleaning/keeping. Gman left his bedroom-turned-prison-cell where he was banished to until all clean-up was complete and came to give his apologies and explanation.

"Scooby Doo used one of those to scare away the monsters"


All Al

I have an enormous backlog of blog fodder. Here's a few pertaining to Al.

Wearing a tie to school--VOLUNTARILY! (Okay, there was extra credit offered, but still!!!) Handsome dude, isn't he?

From the brochure showing the rewards for selling the over-priced "merchandise" for the school fundraiser: "Shreed it"? Awesome example for the students of why they shouldn't under-estimate the importance of proofreading.

We were walking from the parking lot to the beach at the lake when we passed these....Al's comment was something to the effect of "How many people are trying to take their boat into the woods?"

Love ya, Tiger!


Wayne's World

Party on, Garth! Excellent!


That smells great!

Conversation while wiping off Princess's hands with a new antibacterial wipe that smelled really nice.

Me: Gee, this smells really good!
Princess: Let me smell.
Me, not wanting her to rub used wipe on her face, put her freshly wiped hand up to her nose and said: Just smell your hand.
Princess (with attitude): It just smells like hand!


Halloween 2009

Hannah, Spidey and the Invisible Teen
(Al opted out of trick-or-treating this year.)


Guest Blogger: Concert-Goin' Princess

My very first concert! I love Miley Cyrus. I love her songs. I went to the concert. It was fun. I sat with my friends RH and CM, and their moms, and mom! The best song was Party in the USA. My favorite part was when she rode the motorcycle in the air over the people at the bottom. I danced with my mom.

Princess, CM, and RH before it started.

Mom didn't bring the good camera. Miley on the motorcycle in the air.

One very happy little girl.