Monster-free Cabinetry: Priceless

Princess enters room: "Gman made smoke."
Craig as he exits room: He what?!?!

Gman sprayed the dry-chemical fire extinguisher in the kitchen cabinet that contains every small kitchen appliance we own. Fortunately, the nozzle was facing the back of the cabinet. But it still made A REALLY BIG FOGGY MESS.

3 hours later, Craig has washed "Every small appliance known to man-kind." (Doesn't he totally rock for washing all those?! His comment "I'm not even sure what some of these do.") I've scrubbed out the cabinet and thrown away items that weren't worth cleaning/keeping. Gman left his bedroom-turned-prison-cell where he was banished to until all clean-up was complete and came to give his apologies and explanation.

"Scooby Doo used one of those to scare away the monsters"


Anonymous said...

OMG - never ever a dull moment at your house....Mom

KFuj said...

I saw your facebook but was waiting for a blog post...totally made me laugh. I'm sure it sucked to clean up that mess.

Gman is too cute.. What did you do after his explanation?

Paula said...

After I stopped biting my tongue to keep from laughing, we had a discussion about cartoons vs. reality. and of course, there's no such thing as ghosts/monsters /spectors/gobblins

Linda J. said...

Remind me to banish Scooby from my house!

Jessica said...

Gman is creative - I'll give him that.

Ruthie Girl said...

When I saw the FB status, I couldn't stop laughing. Really!?!?