That smells great!

Conversation while wiping off Princess's hands with a new antibacterial wipe that smelled really nice.

Me: Gee, this smells really good!
Princess: Let me smell.
Me, not wanting her to rub used wipe on her face, put her freshly wiped hand up to her nose and said: Just smell your hand.
Princess (with attitude): It just smells like hand!


Bianka said...

Like, DUH mom!! :) She is so smart!

KFuj said...

LOL that's funny. Some of my kids at school don't understand when to use the antibacterial hand gel. Some will use it and then wash their hands with soap and water other will wash their hands then use it, others will just get up every 5 minutes and use it!

At least they are staying clean!

Ruthie Girl said...

really so soon!

Anonymous said...

Kids definitely say the darnest things. I love the family picture, I hope I get one. Aunt Rae