All Al

I have an enormous backlog of blog fodder. Here's a few pertaining to Al.

Wearing a tie to school--VOLUNTARILY! (Okay, there was extra credit offered, but still!!!) Handsome dude, isn't he?

From the brochure showing the rewards for selling the over-priced "merchandise" for the school fundraiser: "Shreed it"? Awesome example for the students of why they shouldn't under-estimate the importance of proofreading.

We were walking from the parking lot to the beach at the lake when we passed these....Al's comment was something to the effect of "How many people are trying to take their boat into the woods?"

Love ya, Tiger!


Anonymous said...

What a good looking guy - I'm still searching for the exact orange color tie. Mom

LoSpace said...

Ok, just don't let Al wear his tie near the shreeding portion of the pen LOL.

KFuj said...

I love the "No Boats" in the woods!! I would have said the same thing.... what are people thinking driving their boats in the woods they belong in the water..

Ruthie Girl said...

I love the extra credit idea! So great.