Hey, Jenn Ann!

I promised you months ago that I'd have "it" to you in time for your 10/10 shower, and I'm keepin' my word!
Finished it.
Wrapped it.
Boxed it.
Takin' it to the post office today!

My wish for your boys? The world, of course!

(ps....that's a hint.)
(pps....no peeking!)


St. Judes helped keep me out of the kitchen

We did our part for the "Pepper of Hope".....We had dinner at Chili's this evening to benefit St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Al has asked me why we don't have any good pictures of him.
I present Exhibit A:

Craig's mom is visiting us for a couple days, so whats a better way to further convince that I don't cook?


We bleed Blue

I have always loved watching football. In high school, my friends would want to just walk around socializing and I'd beg them to sit and watch, or at least stand still so I could watch. I've been a 49ers fan for as long as I can remember, although I've not watched pro-ball in years other than the Super Bowl. But I love watching college football! We are University of Kentucky fans, I've made no secret of that, but I wear maroon and white to the UK v. EKU game because EKU is Craig's and my alma mater. We have unintentionally brainwashed the little kids...They used to instinctively say "blue and white" when asked what their favorite color was. They've been going to UK games LITERALLY their whole lives, even en utero. I suspect my OB planned Gman's c-section for that Friday to keep me from going to the season opener only 4 days after finally getting off modified-bed-rest. Gman was only a couple weeks old at his first.

At this year's Fan Appreciation back in August: Free hot dogs!

Gman didn't want his picture taken with QB Hartline, but insisted he get to take my picture with him using my phone's camera. Hartline's comment "I'm impressed...I probably couldn't figure out how to take picture with a phone like that and he's ALOT younger than me!"

The kids have made friends with the other season tix people around us. This year G has befriended Denise who commented that she feels like she's watching our kids grow up.

Princess befriended Jeanne and Kenin years ago and talks about them all year long. Every time we pass by Commonwealth Stadium, she yells "There's Jeanne and Kenin's house!"

The one person we've not been able to indoctrinate is Al. Hard to believe that he's half my gene pool....that's him reading Harry Potter at the game yesterday.


Genetic Puzzles

Gman, Princess and Craig were working on a puzzle today. Didn't take long before Princess and Gman bailed and left Daddy to finish it. Lo and behold...
Craig: Hey, there's a piece missing!
Gman (comes running back over): I've got it!! I've got it!!

Little dude was holding it so he could put the last piece in!

What is it with males and hiding puzzle pieces?!?! My brother did it when we were kids. Craig says he used to do it when he was a kid. And now my 4 year old son is doing it.

There has. got. to. be. a gene found ONLY on the Y-chromosome that drives them to do that!


Memory Lane Monday (#18)

I stopped by my friend Carrie's house this morning. She was doing some "attic cleaning" and found a box from her childhood. She asks me, "Did you ever do any L'il Missy Beaded Dolls when you were a kid?" I had no idea what she was talking about until she showed me. Yes, I did!!! I didn't have near as many as she did, but I did have a couple. One of them was this one: Wintertime Wendy


Pizza Pizza

Princess informed me today that the pizza at school "is not that good" and it reminded me of a question that she asked not that long ago:

Do they make pizza shaped like Hannah Montana or cars?


A Social Study

We had a yard sale this past weekend...a very successful one! There was a neighborhood sale going on 2 streets up, so I put up signs to mooch the traffic my way (Good thing since my newspaper ad didn't get much attention.) It's amazing what sold vs. what didn't...the exact opposite of what I expected in most cases.
Social Study A:
Me: "It needs replacement parts. You'd have to special order them. From Germany."
Buyer: "OK. I'll buy it."

Social Study B:
Truly fascinating to watch. We had 2 of the old spin-dial scales set out. I really wish I had counted how many people would get on one, wince at seeing the number, then get on the other one to compare! One lady was HILARIOUS. She got on the first and just stood there STARING in total disbelief. She probably stood there a full 2 minutes. Just staring. Willing the number to change. She commented to her friend something about how there was no way she'd put on that much weight. Her friend replied, "Wellllllllllllll.........you are holding a two year old. Let me hold him while you try again."


Say Huh?

"Why does my lemonade taste like lemonade?"


Say Huh?

Conversation when Princess arrived home from school today:
Princess: "We got to watch the Principal of the United States on TV!"
Mom: "Really? What did he say?"
Princess: "That we should stay at school."

Conversation when Daddy arrived home from work today:
Daddy: "What did you do at school today?"
Princess: "We saw President Rocko Bama on TV."


Happy Birthday, Gman

Today, my Sweet Baby Boy turns 4! We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with a party at Chuck E. Cheese!

Every big boy needs a big boy bike!!!