My Sweet Baby Boy

Gman is actually Craig's nickname for our youngest. I call him My Sweet Baby Boy alot-- a moniker that is probably best to not follow him thru life. He's a devilish one, but a true sweetheart, too. He has been in speech therapy for 13 months now and isn't one to talk at length anyways. So, I take great delight every time I hear a new word, phrase or just anything that demonstrates his understanding of communication without just repeating back what he heard. Last night as I rocked him in the rocker in his room (which is next to his toybox), he kept trying to get toys out. I told him to stop or else he'd go straight to bed. He got quiet & still for a few minutes, then leaned over the side and said "ganight toys." That's My Sweet Baby Boy!


Jinjer said...

So adorable!

Anonymous said...

He is quiet -but a smart little guy. He is a thinker for sure. Love Grandma