Boy vs girl inquisitivity

One of the neat things about having children of the opposite sex so close in age, is that you can TRULY see the differences between the genders at this stage.

As I've mentioned before, Princess is a pro at rapid fire questions about whatever topic is on her brain....to the point of driving you out of your ever-lovin' mind til you beg her to go do something, anything, other than asking you more questions. Today's example:
P: Why are the flowers on the trees turning green?
Me: They aren't. The flowers fall off. Those are new green leaves.
P: Why are they green?
Me: Because that's what color they are in the spring.
P: How long will the leaves be green?
Me: Long time, til autumn.
P: Why do they fall off?
Me: Princess, I'm driving.

Gman on the other hand, would much rather check things out for himself. I had to take the cover off the base of the fridge to pull out the filter. He pushed me out of the way so he could look under there. He looked. He shrugged. He said "Hmf." End of conversation.


Anonymous said...

Give him a year and he too will be full of questions and why.....Love ya, Mom

Jinjer said...

This makes me sooo excited to have my lil one and watch them grow. I love it :)

Ruth Anne said...

Boys and girls are so different. My 20 month old girl can write as and good as my 3 year old boy.

Kim Thomas said...

That is the funniest conversation ever.

Queen B said...

ha! This probably why girls grow into women who know how to ask for directions and boys grown into men who try to figure things out for themselves!