Hey, Jenn Ann!

I promised you months ago that I'd have "it" to you in time for your 10/10 shower, and I'm keepin' my word!
Finished it.
Wrapped it.
Boxed it.
Takin' it to the post office today!

My wish for your boys? The world, of course!

(ps....that's a hint.)
(pps....no peeking!)


Jenn Ann said...

YAY! Um, still can't guess, but I can't wait to be surprised!

Anonymous said...

Jenn Ann - I can tell you lots of love and talent went into this neat worldly gift. Paula's Mom

Ruthie Girl said...

So cute.

These babies are going to be the talk of the town (wait, they are.)

Ruthie Girl said...

Can we see a final product at Jenn's house?

KFuj said...

I can't wait for the shower next weekend to see what it you got the boys!!