Genetic Puzzles

Gman, Princess and Craig were working on a puzzle today. Didn't take long before Princess and Gman bailed and left Daddy to finish it. Lo and behold...
Craig: Hey, there's a piece missing!
Gman (comes running back over): I've got it!! I've got it!!

Little dude was holding it so he could put the last piece in!

What is it with males and hiding puzzle pieces?!?! My brother did it when we were kids. Craig says he used to do it when he was a kid. And now my 4 year old son is doing it.

There has. got. to. be. a gene found ONLY on the Y-chromosome that drives them to do that!


Jenn Ann said...

Interesting...something I will get to experience relatively soon I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Must be a guy thing to have to win. Funny that it would start at such an early age. Mom

Andrea said...

control issues ... and they HAVE to WIN!

Ann said...

It's all the testosterone. That's pretty funny that he's starting so young! LOL!