A Social Study

We had a yard sale this past weekend...a very successful one! There was a neighborhood sale going on 2 streets up, so I put up signs to mooch the traffic my way (Good thing since my newspaper ad didn't get much attention.) It's amazing what sold vs. what didn't...the exact opposite of what I expected in most cases.
Social Study A:
Me: "It needs replacement parts. You'd have to special order them. From Germany."
Buyer: "OK. I'll buy it."

Social Study B:
Truly fascinating to watch. We had 2 of the old spin-dial scales set out. I really wish I had counted how many people would get on one, wince at seeing the number, then get on the other one to compare! One lady was HILARIOUS. She got on the first and just stood there STARING in total disbelief. She probably stood there a full 2 minutes. Just staring. Willing the number to change. She commented to her friend something about how there was no way she'd put on that much weight. Her friend replied, "Wellllllllllllll.........you are holding a two year old. Let me hold him while you try again."


Anonymous said...

How funny - did you sell either of the scales? I'm sure the one that weighed you less would go first!! MOM

Paula said...

neither sold. At the end of the sale, Craig got on them and said "That one is up by about 2 pounds and the other is low by about 2 pounds"

Anonymous said...

People are funny at yard sales. They'll look at a brand new shirt forever, ask how much. You say a quarter and they want to know if you'll take a dime. Gives you a whole new look at your stuff. Aunt Rae

LoSpace said...

When I only have 1 scale, I get back on it for a 2nd opinion. Sometimes it gives me an extra .2 lbs. Yuck. LOL

Ruthie Girl said...

I would cry looking at the scale with the extra 2 year old. Ugh.

I still don't get story #1. I can't be bothered with buying replacement parts because it will never get done.