Tween Words (#3)

I took Al and Princess to MickyDee's for breakfast this morning before school. We got an order of Cinnamon Melts to share between the 3 of us.

Mom: Princess gets the last bite.
Al: Why?
Mom: You already ate 1/2 the package!
Al: OK, but when she's done, can I lick the holder clean?
Mom: Nooo!
Al: But there are kids starving in Africa who would love to do that.
Mom: But you aren't one of them.


Ruthie Girl said...

Forget the tween. I love your response.

We should celebrate quick thinking moms!

Agent DragonFly said...

You guys always crack me up!!!

Kim Thomas said...

LMAO. Great Comeback!

Anonymous said...

I say never waste good cinnamon - I say lick the holder. No wander G'ma's have more fun. Aunt Rae

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

You are the funniest mom. I would be stumped

Andrea said...

Do your kids appreciate how funny you are?

Queen B said...