Craig survived my 1st day @ work!

A few weeks ago, when I was offered this job, my fear was that the first day would come and it would be a snow day for the kids. I really didn't want to have to "call in" on my first day, so Craig arranged today to be a vacation day for him "just in case". I was so shocked to wake up today and find that it was in fact a snow day!!!

As I was packing up to leave, I discovered soda dripping down the back of the fridge.
As Craig & I were getting things out of the fridge to get to the soda, Kool-aid was dribbled All. Over. The. Kitchen.
Al entered still feeling sick (suspect strep).

I ended up having to leave Craig to handle it all, with a cheery "Love ya! Please don't forget to ask for his Rx refill while you're at the peds office. Bye!"
Isn't he a great guy!?
Great first day of new job. Al has just a cold.
Life is good.


mamabrande said...

LOL!! I just watched Mr Mom and am seeing that maybe this is how he felt? I hope this first week or two has been good...other than the pantyhose. I refuse to wear them. I refuse to iron too.

alex said...

oh.. he's really a great guy..

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