Hide & Seek

Yesterday: Craig was laying in the bed. Gman was sitting next to him and says "Hide & Seek!" Gman lays down ON daddy's shoulder, hides his face and starts to count.
1...2... (Craig pulls sheet over his head)
"Ready not, here come"
(Gman pulls sheet down)
"Daddy!! I find you!!!"

Today: Gman got glasses! He's just so darn cute!!!

PS--speaking of "Hide & Seek," from my "Home Sweet Home" post....nobody commented on my blue roof or my house number!


Anonymous said...

I agree - he is so cute. Thanks for stopping by the office so I could get a grandma fix. I hope he won't have to wear them for to long. Hope you got insurance too as he is a rough and tough little guy!! Mom

Ruth Anne said...

I love the glasses, too. And he is wearing them!

Jinjer said...

He is adorable! And I thought we commented on your blue roof??

Ann said...

I love the glasses! And I love your blue roof! :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

4 eyes are better than 2! what a fox!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! It is so great we can have all these wonderful things. Aunt Rae