license plates

KFuj's latest posts of license plates reminded me that I've been collecting pics of personalized license plates. Some are hard to read because my old phone didn't work so good for pics on the fly.

(I'll admit, I'm a dieter too. But WHY would you put that on your tail end?)

Apparently, there are some sick Kentucky license plates out there...here's 2:




Queen B said...

this makes me happy for my generic plate ;)

Ruth Anne said...

I am not sure I can figure out the first one.

I remember there was a game show figuring out licenses. I didn't do go on that either.

It is cheaper to get a personalized plate in IL, so almost everyone has one.

I am boring.

Paula said...

I think the first one is "tag you are it"

Jenn Ann said...

I love this post!!! I'm going to add these to my collection. I agree that the first one is Tag You're It.

Anonymous said...

We have our plate on our Red Convertible. RDRGTP Some get it right away some don't. Mom

Jinjer said...

These are classic! Love them!