I remember

I still remember where I was and how I first heard about what was going on in New York and Washington, DC. I had friends who were frequently in the Pentagon for meetings. I remember calling them and always getting that infernal "All lines are busy, please try again." I was so worried for them, and everyone in all those buildings. I remember trying to explain to my 5 year old what he had seen on TV, without terrifying him more than he already was from his school being on lock-down all day.
I remember going to Ground Zero that December and just being dumbstruck. I remember looking through a restaurant window a few blocks away and seeing all the tables so beautifully set with linen table cloths, goblets & silverware, yet all of it was covered with a film of white ash... Still. I remember the NYPD officer standing there, somehow protecting the hole with his presence and how I just felt that I had to touch him, had to tell him how sorry and thankful I was for him and his brethren.

Lets honor all those we lost by living on, and yet always remembering.
Lets thank all those who keep it even a possibility.

Roll on!

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Queen B said...


Yeah, I was at Ground Zero in April 02 and was dumbstruck by the amount of devastation still on display

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute you have posted. I couldn't agree more. Mom

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

What a morning that was. Staff meeting that I was late for became unimportant real quick

Ann said...

I will never forget that day. We lost a very good friend who was on that first plane to hit the towers, and the priest that married me and my ex was also on that plane.

Thank you for posting this, Paula.

Jinjer said...

I remember the details of that horrible day. Thanks for this post Paula.

Kim Thomas said...

We will not forget