Memory Lane Monday

This stroll down Memory Lane takes us back a ginormous time-travel of 6 months leading up to 2 weeks ago.

Hate is a strong word. I hated-hated the dishwasher (insert Craig: But it works.). Any appliance that gets used that often in a family of 5 should be the love of a mom's life, third only to the family and the laundry appliances.
I hated it with every fiber of my being. It was small (insert Craig: But it works.). The kids' sippy cups and little snack bowls flipped over and filled up with nasty water. Five or six of the tines were starting to rust. (insert Craig: But it works.) It was so loud you couldn't sit on the couch, which is approx 25-30 feet from the kitchen, and still be able to watch TV. It didn't have time-delay, which meant we always forgot to start the thing before going up to bed, but then again, I'd have a hard time going to sleep when it was running. There was nothing good about that dishwasher (insert Craig: But it works.)

Our first agreement was to get one with our tax refund. It came but Craig (rightfully so) fervently argued "But it works, why replace it?" And, having learned that marriage is about compromise, I developed the second "agreement": Fine. We'll wait. But when it dies, I get to sit at the bar and watch you hand wash every dish, cup, & pan, every night until the new one is installed. Be warned, the Maul's did dishes for 2 weeks waiting for delivery & install."
I am REALLY not a patient person. I reminded him of this new 'agreement' every opportunity I got.
Then came a time when he would be traveling for work several times, 4-7 days each. "What if the dishwasher dies while I'm out of town?" he inquired with a grin. I replied, with a deadpan voice, "There's a big section of attorneys in the yellow pages. I'll find you one willing to do your dishes until you return." Then I reminded him of this caveat every time he traveled.

Me likey the new dishwasher!!!!! See the first load? (yes, it was a small load. I said I was impatient. I'd already waited 6 months, you want me to wait 4 more hours?!) Look at all those cups and snack bowls come out perfectly! I can be 12 inches from it and talk on the phone!

PS--Thank you, Honey! Yes, it worked. But it sucked. Thank you for making me happy, even if I sometimes have to wait for it! ;-)


Queen B said...

haha! It is beautiful!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How happy you are now. It's the every day things in life that make us happy when they really work and do a good job. I really hated your old dishwasher too. Mom