Catch up

I've fallen behind in all my stories to tell...so here's a few random events from the last few days:

A. Clay at the AT&T store diagnosed my phone's condition as terminal (I'm suuuuure it had nothing to do with any commission he may earn). He did at least get it going enough that I can try to get all my pics off, but there's soooo many, I may forego most. (If someone has a USB cable they can loan me that will work on a Samsung flip phone, let me know and we'll compare model #'s)

B. Said phone has already been replaced. I am very excited to introduce you all to my pink BlackJack! It's a little frustrating to get used to and I'm still trying to figure it all out, but in the end, I know I'll love it!

Gman's reaction to my pink excitement.

D. UK Wildcats had their first home game this weekend. We stomped Norfolk 38-3! More importantly, we beat Louisville on their field the week before!! We're 2-0 to start the season! Go Big Blue!

E. At the game, Princess was eating a big pretzel. When I commented that it was bigger than her head, she had to check to see if I was right:

F. My mom & dad participated in a golf tourney this past weekend. Dad got the silver for his group. And my mom? Yes, she's a gold medalist folks!!!

G. Another golf story: I was sitting in the living room, watching the news when I saw a flash of movement in my peripheral vision just as Princess yells "Fore!" (Generally something that would strike fear in the heart of most moms). Here's a re-enactment picture. That's a Barbie doll being swung by her feet at a wiffle ball sitting atop a toy kaleidoscope.


Jenn Ann said...

Yay for B! I'm also amused by G and will probably have this image stuck in my head for awhile. Too Cute!

I find it interesting that you are a letterer. I'm a numberer. What's everyone else? (In case you don't speak Jenn, I'm referring to lettering multiple topics instead of numbering them.)

Queen B said...

I'm a numberer. I totally knew what you meant.

Love the pretzel pic!

That is quite a snazzy gold medal!

LoSpace said...

I'm a bulleter (sometimes). And love the Pink Blackjack (why isn't it a Pinkjack?), tho nothing will ever take the place of my Dash. And: ok Ms SmartyBlog Girl, do you know how to do 4 small pics like a window pane? Laura keeps doing it on her blog and I can't figure out how. Thanks you're the BBE!

Paula said...

Nope, I don't know how, Lo. Perhaps she should do a tutorial.

LoSpace said...

Wow you shook something loose girl, b/c Laura called me minutes after our e-exchange. All hail Paula Proud Pinkjack Priestess!!

Kim Thomas said...

I love new phones! Congrats

Ruth Anne said...

I am related to a gold medalist?!?! Do you think it runs in the genes? Is it too late to start?

Anonymous said...

Ruth - Your Aunt and Uncle competed in the Bluegrass Regional Boomers(over 50) and Seniors games. You have to complete in a region game before you can compete in the state games. Yes you are related to a gold and a silver- Gary medalist in golf...Now I have fame other than being the best grandma. My Dad would be proud of me.. Love ya, Auntie Em

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Pink black jack!! Too cool!!

Jinjer said...

I love summary posts!!

Anonymous said...

I love the golfers! I thought the gold metal was great - but the Barbie golf club - now there is ingenuity! Aunt Rae