Dream cars

Al, like all young people, has a dream car. For him, it is a Lamborghini (although I don't think he'd recognize one if it ran him over). Despite Craig's and my insistence that it'll never be in there, he constantly picks up copies of the "Auto Trader" and "The Nickel" to see if there's one for sale. Aren't all high-end vehicles sold this way? ;-)

It does remind me though of when I was about 12. I lived in Germany then, and all my classmates dreamed of owning a European sports car... most dreamed of a Porshe since it seemed the most likely obtainable one for a kid living in Germany. For me though, it was a red convertible Ferrari. (How ironic that I don't care to ride in my mom's convertible now.)

I spotted one this week, sitting at a red light, and was able to get a pretty good pic of it (by flipping a U thru a gas station and rushing back around.....yeah, I learned a whole lot from my Driver's Ed. DVD....can't ya tell?)

Al and I actually spotted it a few months ago, but weren't able to get to it for a pic before it drove off. Funny thing is....we spotted it parked in a prime parking space in front of Walmart. Mmmmm...if Ferrari drivers shop at Walmart, maybe there really is a slim chance of Al finding a Lamborghini in the "The Auto Trader."


Kim Thomas said...

I still want that Navy Blue 330i BMW.....someday.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I still want the silver jaguar

Jinjer said...

My list is Lambo, Ferrari and Bentley. Yummy!

Jenn Ann said...

There was a time when I shared KTs dream car (seriously)...now I don't really care. I'm too practical and I feel that my experience as a Lexus owner jaded me to "nice" cars.

Ann said...

EVERYONE shops at Wally's!

My dream car is my Harley.

Queen B said...

LOL. My high school boyfriend's dad had a red Ferrari convertible. What a dream that was. The best part of that relationship was the 7 cars to choose from to go out on dates! (lol, Jinjer, another option was the Bentley!)