Say Huh?

This is the archive posting of all the noteworthy Say Huh's

December 2008- "Could you please park my car in your garage? It's never been outside at night."----Mom said when she and Paula switched vehicles so the kids could stay the night at Grandma's & Papaw's

November 28, 2008- "Shooting stars move slower in town." -----Princess, debate with Craig over a moving light in the night sky.

November 20, 2008- Paula said to Jane, "I have to keep the ugly coat forever. Now that I know I have The Power of The Ugly Coat, I can hold it over him and he will never forget his coat again."

November 16, 2008- Our friend Clay had someone tell him, "I'd be a vegan if I could just give up leather"

November 9, 2008- Overheard my friend, Jaymi, say to her 4 yr old:
"You can not live on Cheetos alone. I think that's even in the Bible somewhere."

October 2008

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