Swing set Peeping Toms

My children are Peeping Toms on hired help! First the roofers, now the swing set installers!

The instructions said it would take 11-14 hours for 2 people. From the marketing pic, you can guess it's probably more than that.

It's actually been a two-day odyssey for a team of professional wood-working people...7 hours for 5 guys on Day 1; 6 hours for 4 guys on Day 2. The biggest problems adding to the time:
1. Drizzling rain all of Day 1, 1/2 of Day 2.
2. 200 parts; 400 lbs of asst. pre-cut lumber, not a single one labeled
3. Princess (and sometimes Gman) would knock on her bedroom window and wave at them every 15 minutes.

My husband, my father and my brother better be sooooo very happy and very thankful to me that I didn't let my mother follow through on her threat to make them do it as her Mother's Day gift. Best money we ever spent!


LoSpace said...

OMG my kids now are drooling to visit the playground aka home Disneyworld that graces your yard! HA HA!

Kim Thomas said...

Lois's kids may be drooling but so am I! This rocks, I wanna come play.

Paula said...

We are stimulating the economy with our stimulus package! But mostly...wearing out our children so they'll sleep!

Anonymous said...

My guys would have put the swingset together with a smile for me on Mother's Day weekend!! They would have killed you.... Thanks for getting it done and saving your life and making our men happy. I'm sure they are glad it poured rain on Mom's Day. I'm thrilled the kids will be able to have fun on the swingset if it will ever quit raining!!!! Love Mom and a devoted Grandmother.

Queen B said...

That is the coolest thing ever! I'm with Kim, I want to come play!

Ruth Anne said...

I am so jealous of that swing set! It is gorgeous!

My friend just put one up that took forever, too, but totally worth it!

Linda said...

Wow! What a "swing set!" No wnder Gman and Princess watched the process!

Bianka said...

Very nice! I bet you hide from your kids in that little club house! :)