Petting Zoo

Princess's preschool had a field trip to a great petting zoo last week. The animals (except the sheep) were recently bathed, they ate, they didn't gnaw on fingers, & 2 huge buckets of food was included with admission! Also included: hay rides along a lovely creek and pony rides!

In general, Princess is the timid one, Gman is a head-first jumper...as demonstrated by their feeding of the animals. The first bucket was almost empty before she fed even one animal.

Gman on the other hand, was really frustrated that he couldn't reach the giant camel that could have eaten him for a morning snack.

You cannot imagine my shock when it came time for the pony rides. Princess absolutely could not wait her turn and gleefully hopped on the pony for her ride.

Gman kept running away from the pony ride line, pouting the whole way. I finally got him on there and this was his response:

Funny thing is, just 2 days earlier he was gleefully riding the grocery store pony!


Jinjer said...

Why was Gman afraid of the horse? How cute they are!!

Queen B said...

ha! I love the picture of Princess on the real pony and Gman on the grocery store pony!

Ann said...

Hysterical! It's the timid ones you need to watch out for! :)