Express yourself

I love all the T-shirts with funny things on them. Although I generally don't wear them myself, I love dressing the kids in them. I get a giggle knowing that the little ones don't even know/understand what they're wearing!

My fave of Al's is "I do all my own stunts." He has a few that are too lengthy for here.

Princess has:
"It's my brother's fault"
"Princess--If the shoe fits"
"I still live with my parents" (my fave)

Gman has the most extensive collection:
"Wasn't me"
"I'm with the Band"
"My sister did it"
"I'm DEFINITELY up to something"
and my favorite:


Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Orange-that;s so European!

Anonymous said...

oh ya, that shirt really hits home. Love ya, Mom

Queen B said...

Ha! I love the "I still live with my parents one" and the photo is too cute! :)

Ann said...

I love that shirt! :)

Jinjer said...

How cute! "I'm with the band" LOL

Ruth Anne said...

I love this one! (The funny part is how true it always is!)

Bianka said...

I like "It's my brother's fault". Too cute!

Kim Thomas said...

Sydney is going to surprise Aunt Jane when she arrives today with her new shirt that says "Aunt Jane Says I'm Hot"

Teri said...

what a precious baby