Art is in the eye of the beholder

Went to an art showing last night. Even my art lovin' friends we were there with weren't particularly as impressed with the art as the artists themselves. Craig's comment was "I guess this is why they're still local artists." The prices on many were more than the combined cost of my first 4 used cars.

One display was approximately 200 old library cards with ink splatters on the backs and then individually pinned on the wall in rows & columns. They were actually quite interesting, but the price gave me a chuckle. "$2000 OR $25 per card, 15% discount for purchasing 10 or more."

Then there was the drawing that Staci and I completely did not see, we walked right by it but didn't see it. Our husbands saw it and sent us back to find it. A 4' x 4', very light peach-colored drawing that was drawn DIRECTLY ON THE WALL. "What was listed as the price?", I hear you pondering. Answer: "Speak to artist."
This makes me ponder several questions:
  1. Should I assume this means the artist comes to my house and creates one for me?
  2. But if I want this exact one, will they cut it off the wall and put it in my car?
  3. Do I want to pay top-dollar for near invisible art?
  4. Can you imagine the mushroom cloud that would erupt from our house when the kids discovered that I PAID a stranger to draw on the very walls that I've made them scrub their "artwork" off of?


Kim Thomas said...

Great topic!

Our old next door neighbor is a modern artist. Great guy and he had some interesting stuff. We were invited to his exhibt and David says to me "look at that, it's one of my old champion socks glued to the canvas". Sure enough it was. On the next piece there was some of myt dogs hair.....whatever floats your boat.

Jinjer said...

How funny - I can just see him cutting the wall out and giving it to you to take home. And KT - are you being serious??

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

This is the best post ever! Love the art tour

Bianka said...

This is so funny!! Save yourself the cost of the wall art and have your kids draw a "special" one that won't get washed off.