Psychedelic Frog Prince

Princess had her tonsils out on Thursday....her recovery that day was amazing to us all. She mostly slept til about 1. At 3pm, she was watching cartoons when she suddenly sat up and said very matter-of-factly, "Mom! I didn't get my breakfast. I want my breakfast." That evening, less than 12 hours after her surgery she started crying when we wouldn't let her sweep the kitchen! That evening, she wanted me to color in her coloring book with her. I picked the picture and she picked all the colors. That Tylonol with Codeine must be some GROOVY stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad she is on the mend and that she will continue each day to be a little bit better. She may be able to go to school Monday!! Grandma

KFuj said...

This frog is cute! I love wild colors :-)

Ruthie Girl said...

That is actually great coloring for her age.