SBB & the BBS

That stands for "Sweet Baby Boy and the Boo-Boo Stick"

A. Sweet Baby Boy = Gman
B. Boo-Boo Stick = We used to have some sports bottles with these freezer sticks that snap inside to keep drinks cold. No longer have the bottles, but the sticks were really handy to use for lunches, etc, so we kept those. After the little ones were toddlers, they started getting used for the bumps and bruises of toddlerhood. Henceforth being called "boo-boo sticks"
C. I get migraines 2-3 times a month. I usually keep my eyes covered during one

Yesterday, I got a fast, raging migraine. After a while, Gman comes into the room and says, "Here Mommy, I bring this make you feel better." (Even in my haze of pain, I instantly think "I can't wait to tell Craig and the speech therapist he had a 9 word sentence! He rarely ever gets over 5.) I uncover my face to see him holding out a boo-boo stick. That's my Sweet Baby Boy!!!


Ruthie Girl said...

So cute and wonderful. Some times that would just make you feel better.

Kim Thomas said...

I hope the Boo Boo stick worked!!!

Ann said...

Oh, how sweet!

KFuj said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!
So proud of Gman's speech to help you feel better.

Queen B said...

ahhhhh :)

LoSpace said...

Love that story . . . sniff . . . it is so touching when boys show the nurturing side. and, are you taking something for those migraines?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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