Vote Responsibly

Just a reminder for you to go vote today! Please THINK about your vote. I personally don't think highly of "straight-ticket voting" (its naive to think that your particular party only has the best of people in it). Nor do I believe in voting for someone solely because your spouse/parents did. Sometimes, spouses/parents are wrong. So please make an informed decision. If you don't vote, you give up your right to complain for the next 4 years! ;-)

Where Craig grew up, the "vote for so&so" signs for local offices are usually hand painted. This one hangs above the road on a telephone line and may very well be the best political sign ever. (Click on it to enlarge it to read what it says. I did do a little touch up to make it more readable, but I, in no way, changed the content.) I must admit, I've been pondering for weeks, "Is he implying that his opponent is not sober, or letting people know that he's now dry?" Please keep your comments nice....we have family there.


Anonymous said...

The picture is not clear enough for me to read - what does it say? Mom

Queen B said...

yeah, can't read it all. But I agree that "sober" is a good quality in a candidate :)

Ruthie Girl said...

Ok, we brought something up similar to this in church.

I am voting that it means he is "clear of thought" and "nothing is obstructing or altering his views".

Love the homemade sign.