Laundry Pocket Pull

I rarely ever check pockets when doing laundry. Mostly because I just thoroughly enjoy opening the dryer to find a really great surprise, it's like I'm a contestant on Let's Make a Deal. Some days it's a dollar, or a Matchbox car, or rocks. Some days its an exciting trip! Such as a trip to the mall to replace the 5 pairs of jeans that got a bad case of Red Chapstick Measles. I have always reserved the right to keep anything I wanted that came thru the laundry---think of it as my payment for services rendered (that & it was usually mine anyways).

Today I reached into the laundry hamper and got jabbed with a pencil from Al's pocket. Hence a little game of Pocket Pull!

What do I do with 3 pencils, a pair of earbuds, a plastic bracelet, and a giant ball of fuzzy lint that is 85% red, 5% green, 5% yellow 5% purple? I'm thinking I don't really want to know the story behind the fuzzy lint. And I'm going to have to give him the 7th grade "Industrial Arts" teacher talk about the perils of guys keeping pencils in their front pockets.


Ruthie Girl said...

I believe you should check your pockets before you put your clothes in the bin. My husband thinks it is the laudry do-er that checks.

Hence, we have had problems.

KFuj said...

I agree with Ruth, check pockets before going into the hamper. My husband likes his socks washed normally but he always takes them off inside out! I'm not going through the hamper and flipping around each sock!!

I do hate the chapstick in the pocket, it put little greae spots on everything!
Since we have moved into the new house, my husband has been doing the laundry more often.
Thanks Mr. KFuj!!

Agent DragonFly said...

HA HA HA!! That's funny.....Joe never know what he is going to find in the pockets of my aprons from work....soemtimes peanuts

Kim Thomas said...

I never check pockets and it pisses David off......maybe he should do his own laundry.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I never check pockets. I have been burned only twice that I can remember. (one was chocolate that melted to my white seater)