Mathematically speaking

For those of you who don't know....I used to teach math before becoming a Stay @ Home Mom. I've developed an equation for a phenomenon that all mom's are familiar with:

CCT = 1,000,000 x CDT

where CCT= "Child's Cleaning Time" and CDT= "Child's Destruction Time"
But no one has ever cracked the code as to WHY does this phenomenon exist.
I'VE DONE IT!!!!! I now know WHY it takes the child sooooo much longer to clean up than it did to destroy: When you ask said child to pick up their toys, as soon as you look away, they do it using chopsticks!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! So darn funny! Aunt Rae

Agent DragonFly said...

HA HA HA HA!!! That's funny

Queen B said...

hahahaha! you have uncovered one of life's mysteries!

KFuj said...

This is great! I will have to remember to keep the chopsticks away from our kids. Wait they may be good at using chopsticks being 1/2 Japanesse!!

Diane said...

If you took the chopsticks away would they use a spoon?

Kim Thomas said...

RO! This is so funny! (And who knew you taught math? I certainly didn't)